Time for Ramayan is over; it will now be Mahabharat – Vinod Chand

Diverting people’s attention with PoK or war with Pakistan or terror attacks will not work this time.

-Vinod Chand

It will be 49 days today from the date of lock down of the country done on 24.03.2020.

What one observes is; There is a huge mass migration taking place from cities to villages.

This mass migration, noticed by international media, is not to be seen anywhere on mainstream media (also now known as Godi Media or media that sits in the lap of the government and sucks on its breast to remain alive through a 2000 Crore spending done by the government per year).

The labor force is going home while a lock down is in operation.

For the last 49 days, state governments, central government, business owners, failed the labor force.

They did not pay them salaries.

They did not feed them or provide rations.

They did not provide them with any additional shelter.

They were brutally locked down in their slums or labor colonies where sanitation is bad even during normal days.

Now this labor force is on the move. Some trains have been started, some buses have been started but nothing is free.

In these 49 days, the labor force has been reduced to the status of beggars and their dignity taken away.

The government, whose granaries are over flowing, failed to feed these laborers.

Faced with imminent shortage the business community is trying to influence the powers that these laborers should not be allowed to leave.

They are paying money into an opaque fund called the PM Cares fund to influence these decisions.

But the labor force has had enough. They have decided to leave and prefer to die on the way trying to reach their homes.

On their way, they are being beaten and brutalized by an insensitive police force that acts on the direction of the states.

And the only thing responsible for this is the short notice lock down done on 24.03.2020 by Narendra Modi as if the virus outbreak would have killed people immediately.

He has reduced the labor force to beggary. In one interview he had said that he begged and ate for 35 years of his life. I think he wants everyone to take the same route.

As he is the man who is solely responsible for the sorry plight of the laborers and for blocking food, money, medical equipment supplies to the states, he should own up the responsibility and resign.

Diverting people’s attention with PoK or war with Pakistan or terror attacks will not work this time.

Time for Ramayan is over. It will now be Mahabharat if he does not resign.

Now when the numbers have start to peak, there is also a mass migration happening. It is being allowed to happen. For 50+ days people were not allowed to move, their livelihood stolen and their food resources deliberately depleted and they brought to the edge of starvation and beggary.

This forced them to walk. Even during a lock down. Some skeleton services of bus and trains have been restored. Police is also looking the other way.

Is this softening, acceptance of failure or a ploy?

It could well be a ploy. The numbers are peaking. The lock down may be removed on 18th and then when the numbers shoot up, which they are likely to do, given that people are now going all over the country, the government will use the explosion to lock down and impose a virtual emergency.

Not that we are not already in the midst of an emergency, but then what will happen is people will start asking for it. The Bhakts will be the first to ask for it and then those who have survived the lock down will also ask for it and the government will be more than happy to oblige as it gets total control over the population.

Now it will remain for the population as to how they respond.

If people start asking for a more severe lock down, it will mean total erosion of democracy and rights of the people. Already the labor class is seeing dilution of most labor laws.

A lock down removal should only be accepted if the government is replaced with a national government comprising of all party’s. The current dispensation should be removed. Because it is a failure and because it has a wrong set of priorities, like the central vista, jets for the PM, PM Cares Fund, etc.

And a detailed plan should be made public as to how the lock down is going to open up.

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