Social Media Tools

Social Media tools:


Twitter  – communicate in 140 characters or less

Pinterest – social bookmarking/pinning site

Reddit – post and vote on top posted stories

Stumbleupon – recommends sites based on interests

Buzzfeed – shared stories based on interest topics

Delicious – social bookmarking site

Friendfeed – “ and discuss the interesting stuff your friends find on the web.”

Ebby –  a fast and accurate automated transcription service that supports more than 100 languages and dialects

Technorati – collects, highlights, and distributes online global conversation

Digg – aggregates stories on the Internet

FARK – online news aggregator and social media site

Talkwheel – a conversation wheel that lets you see where most people are commenting and a sidebar of topics good for a quick scan of the dialogue

SocialBro – time-saving tool for Twitter aficionados – breaks down relationships with Twitter followers into categories such as influencers, supporters and engaged members

Tumblr – A feature rich and free blog hosting platform offering professional and fully customizable templates, bookmarks, photos, mobile apps, and social network

Google Trends – compare the world’s interest in your favorite topics

Google Reader  – checks your favorite news sites and blogs for new content

Google Docs – allows you to create and share work online

Google + Hangouts – video chat with multiple people at one time

Spundge – collaboratively curate the web and create relevant, influential content

Tout  – enables the creation of 15 second videos on your phone

Blogging Tools


Aggregated Data

Website Data and Statistics 

  • CrunchBase  offers insight into your favorite online brands and companies. Listings will tell you people who are associated with a company, contact information, related videos, screenshots, and more.
  • Quantcast allows you to search for website profiles based on topic or specific domains
  • BuiltWith allows you to search for domains and see the technology they use, including analytics, content management systems, coding, and widgets.
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