Everything could have been done differently, better

During this lock-down we had the economic crisis, the migrant crisis, the trains fiasco, the ventilator “scam”, the deaths and the recoveries.

-Darshan Mondkar

The Lock-down 4.0 is about to come to an end…..

It is time to reflect upon what we actually managed to achieve in the last 4 lock-downs or 1 huge extended lock-down, which it actually was.

Right at the beginning of the lock-down, it was tom-tommed as the ultimate solution to the Covid pandemic.

“Stay Home, Stay Safe” was fed to us across all mediums making us feel as if post lock-down Corona would give up and die.

When Modi announced the first lock-down of 21 days, it was touted as a Masterstroke, as if Covid has a limited life span and will die before we come out of our homes.

Of course in hindsight, I hope, we all realize that this was not to be.
Many sane voices had spoken up at that time saying that lock-down is not an end-all solution to the pandemic, it was not even going to prevent the spread of the virus in the future (post lock down).

Those voices were hushed up by loud banging of thaalis and a cacophony of fear from the media channels.

Now after two months of lock-down, the number of cases have only increased…..as they were bound to.

There was one SINGLE point reason for the lock-down.

To prepare adequate medical infrastructure in the states as per their population density to treat those infected without having to load the existing medical infrastructure, so that people with other ailments can be treated normally.

And this was going to come at the cost of the economy and the financial stability of the common man. That was a given.

The virus was always going to be a permanent neighbor to us in future, like every other virus.

Covid was going to spread…. And it did.

More people were going to get infected…. And they did.

People would be spreading the virus…. And they did.

This was all inevitable..

During this lock-down we had the economic crisis, the migrant crisis, the trains fiasco, the ventilator “scam”, the deaths and the recoveries.

In hindsight, everything could have been done differently, everything could have been done better.

Early warnings could have been acknowledged, policies could have been stronger.

This is not what would define the failure of the Govt on a broader scale..
But did we prepare enough medical infrastructure?

After two months of “preparations” are we even close to handle the pandemic?

The answers to these questions are what will define the success or the failure of the Govt for taking care of the Covid Crisis.

I will not answer these questions regarding the lock-down for you. You should be answering them for yourself.

Meanwhile, there is yet another question we need to answer.

When I wrote a post appreciating the good work of the Police during the pandemic, I found most of the comments on the post to be negative.

This is despite having mentioned in the post that there are several bad things that the Police are guilty of…..

I and many like me have always spoken out against the atrocities by the Police against common people. But does that completely overshadow some of the good work that they do?

When we speak out against the bad deeds at every opportunity, what stops us from appreciating the good?

Or have we become so myopic in our views that we prefer seeing everything in Black and White?

Are there no shades of grey?

A few incidents of Police Brutality stops us from appreciating a limited view regarding their hard work, round the clock, keeping us safe?

And no I am not even making them heroes here…. They are humans, like us, doing their job in an extreme situation.

Is this shallowness or mere pettiness on our part?

Do the wrong actions of some Police make us think that all Cops are inherently bad or do only bad things??

But then again….
A few Mughals make some Hindus hate all Muslims
A few terrorists make some Indians hate all Pakistanis
A few Jamatis make some Hindus hate all Muslims.
A few stone pelters make some Indians hate all Kashmiris
A few bad army guys make some Kashmiris hate the entire Army
A few Hindu rioters make some Muslims hate all Hindus
Pettiness is all around us.
And perhaps we are falling prey to it too.

My deepest concern is….. While fighting the Bigots…. Are we turning into bigots ourselves?

(Mondkar is an author and social activist. Views expressed are personal)

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