Brutal crackdown on human rights set tone for August election in Zambia

In its report Amnesty International details the immense crackdown on human rights in Zambia, such as freedom of expression, the shut-down of media outlets, peaceful assembly, people being killed by police and... Read more »
6:25 pm

Educational equity through Next Gen TV

Web Desk Washington, D.C: The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) has collaborated with Howard University Middle School of Mathematics and Science, and international IT consultancy Fincons Group to create a first-of-its-kind prototype... Read more »
5:04 pm

Biden reaffirms ban on torture and inhuman treatment

He also said that, while US continues to remain the largest donor to UN funds for torture victims, migrants and refugees, he had requested the largest budget ever for U.S. Survivors... Read more »
4:05 pm

Imran Khan led government gets a walkover in National Assembly

The opposition benches in the National Assembly looked deserted with most seats lying vacant. Despite their strength, the opposition did not challenge even a single ruling of the chair on the voice... Read more »
12:22 pm

Soyuz-2 launch switched to new fuel by February 2022

"It is planned to ensure readiness for complex tests of the launch complex after the transfer to naphthyl in February 2022," the spokesperson said. Read more »
12:17 pm

Injustice against journalist Pratasevich in Belarus continues

Recent reports say that Pratasevich and his partner Sapega have been moved to house arrest. Amnesty International demands their unconditional immediate release, saying the arrest was unlawful and that they have been... Read more »
6:26 pm

UN condemns air strike killing dozens civilians in Tigray region in Ethiopia, demand prompt investigation

Ethiopia’s military took responsebility for the bombing in a crowded market, stating they were targeting only combatants. However the bloody attack happened as vote counting was under way following national elections held... Read more »
4:48 pm

Tehran-backed militias main threat faced by Israel from Syria

"[T]he main threat to Israel is the presence of Iranian-backed groups, as they threaten our borders. We try not to intervene in the Syrian conflict, and have responded only when we had... Read more »
2:23 pm

19 people massacred in western Niger’s Tillabery

The assailants attacked three villages in Tondikiwidi town in Tillaberi region, not far from the border with Mali, the ActuNiger news outlet reported on Friday. Read more »
1:49 pm

Amnesty International condemns Israelis’ violent crackdown on its Palestinian citizen

Deputy Director for the Middle East and North Africa at Amnesty International, Saleh Higazi said, “The evidence gathered by Amnesty International paints a damning picture of discrimination and ruthless excessive force by... Read more »
8:06 pm

Shut down of Hong Kong newspaper an attack of freedom of expression, says Amnesty International

In Hong Kong, the Chinese Government tries to suppress the protests and silence opposition voices by all means, as we can witness with the reason closure of the Apple Daily. Yamini Mishra... Read more »
7:07 pm

UNHCR calls on nations to include all 82.4 million refugees in COVID-19 vaccination roll out

Chief of UNHCR’s Public Health Section, Ann Burton said, “Around the world, we have seen an unwavering commitment to not leave refugees behind in COVID-19 vaccination planning,” adding “But barriers to vaccination... Read more »
6:02 pm

UNHCR warns that statelessness is rising amidst pandemic

Gillian Triggs, UNHCR’s International Protection chief said, “There are millions known to be stateless around the world, without the nationality of any state. This has hugely damaging impacts on their fundamental human... Read more »
7:12 pm

The world can learn a great deal about inclusion of refugees from Latin America, says UN

The countries in Latin America face an unprecedented crisis of displacement. Filippo Grandi said, “Yet, they have stepped up to the challenge by showing unique generosity and dedication to find dignified solutions... Read more »
5:51 pm

As public services increasingly go digital, no one shall be left offline

Unfortunately, only countries which already used advanced digital technology were able to switch their public service sector online and equip its public servants. To digitalize all sectors of public services around the... Read more »
11:03 am
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