Judgment of Madras HC against religious intolerance turns into major topic of discussion

They had said that allowing religious intolerance is not good for a secular country like India. The court also observed that " resistance by... Read more »
7:53 pm

Chief Justice of India considering proposal to live telecast proceedings of SC

Transparency is a time-honoured principle when it comes to the judicial process in our country. Hearing of cases have always taken place in public... Read more »
6:34 pm

SC tells Centre to consider harsh realities in connection with migrant workers during the lockdown

"How will migrants survive with no money or work? Some sustenance must be provided for the time being...You have to consider the harsh realities,"... Read more »
6:27 pm

WHO blames religious and political mass gatherings for Covid-19 surge in India

"A recent risk assessment of the situation in India conducted by WHO found that resurgence and acceleration of Covid-19 transmission in India had several... Read more »
2:31 pm

DCGI allows Phase II-III clinical trial of Covaxin on 2 to 18-years-old

After careful examination, the DCGI accepted the recommendation of Subject Expert Committee (SEC). The national drug regulator of the country on Wednesday gave the... Read more »
1:32 pm

Floating bodies in Ganga river are from UP

The bodies were found floating on the river on Monday evening and officials found decayed dead bodies in large numbers near Ujiyar and Bharauli... Read more »
9:21 pm

NSUI files ‘missing person’ report with police on Amit Shah

He said that when the country is suffering from a deadly pandemic and the citizens are facing a crisis, it is the duty of... Read more »
8:40 pm

71 out of 80 ventilators received by Guru Gobind Singh Medical College are faulty

There were reports that 71 out of the 80 ventilators received by Guru Gobind Singh Medical College in Faridkot under the fund were found... Read more »
8:17 pm

“Stand Together India, it’s time to stand together not time to criticise”

The Congress has been attacking the government over mishandling of the pandemic and not heeding to the advise of ex-PM Manmohan Singh and the... Read more »
5:32 pm

Tension between Israel, Gaza militants threatens to further escalate

Palestinian militant groups, including the armed wing of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), fired hundreds of rockets from... Read more »
5:09 pm

” BJP celebrated vaccine day on April 12 but did not make arrangements for vaccines”

"Why did his government order the vaccines in January 2021? US and other countries ordered for vaccines with Indian government much earlier. Who will... Read more »
3:11 pm

EC and UP govt “failed to fathom the disastrous consequences” of permitting elections

In detailed observations, part of the 18-page anticipatory bail order, the court highlighted how Covid has now reached villages in Uttar Pradesh, with the... Read more »
1:22 pm

Influenza-like illness creates scare in UP villages

In Prayagraj alone, during the mega testing drive, the rapid response teams (RRTs) have identified 11,707 suspected patients having influenza-like illness (ILI) symptoms in... Read more »
1:16 pm

Largest Hindu temple in USA made Dalits do “forced labour”

They allege that the defendants in the case those who recruited and supervised them "weaponised" the caste system to "coerce" the men from Dalit... Read more »
12:47 pm

Free jabs, rapid testing must to fight Covid-19 in rural India

Compared to the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, this year has witnessed a rapid rise in the number of infections and... Read more »
6:18 pm

WHO declares Indian Coronavirus “variant of global concern”

The global health body, in a press conference held on Monday, said preliminary studies show the B1617 mutation spreads more easily than other variants... Read more »
6:15 pm

Fauci calls on countries to give India resources to make vaccines

"India is the largest vaccine-producing country in the world. They've got to get their resources -- not only from within but also from without... Read more »
11:07 am

Australian court upholds India travel ban

The ban has made it a criminal offence under the Biosecurity Act to try and enter Australia within 14 days of being in India,... Read more »
11:02 am

Congress asks for urgent Parliament session to discuss Covid crisis

Describing the pandemic situation in the country as "grave", the Congress leader said there is a need to find a national solution to handle... Read more »
10:10 pm

Nothing about J&K is India’s internal matter

"Let me be clear: Jammu & Kashmir is an internationally recognised dispute on the @UNSecurity Council agenda. Final settlement of the dispute lies in... Read more »
9:50 pm
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