The looming disaster called India’s ‘Covid-19 vaccination program’

What will the government offer as an explanation when at the end of this year it will barely manage to achieve less than half of what it has promised on affidavit in... Read more »
4:13 pm

Justice Malimath is new Chief Justice of Himachal Pradesh

Correspondent New Delhi: Justice Ravi Vijaykumar Malimath, the senior-most Judge of Himachal Pradesh High Court, has been appointed as the next Chief Justice of the Himachal Pradesh Hingh Court by the President... Read more »
1:48 pm

Netaji’s artifacts loaned, not missing says govt

The ministry said the artifacts were loaned after following all required procedures and the artifacts were loaned for a period of six months. Read more »
1:35 pm

New generation Agni P ballistic missile successfully flight tested

DRDO said the new generation Agni missile met all levels of mission objectives with very high accuracy while remaining on an expected trajectory. Read more »
12:50 pm

HDFC Bank Acquires 7.4% stake in Virtuoso Infotech

Virtuoso Infotech specializes in product engineering and offers customized software solutions for enterprises across a wide range of sectors. Read more »
12:30 pm

NTPC set to lead green energy efforts

United Nations is set to convene a high-level dialogue in September, 2021 to promote the implementation of the energy-related goals and targets of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Read more »
5:49 pm

Revised HC websites give persons with disability equal access to justice system

These new measures and improvements on the High Courts websites have considerably furthered access to justice for persons with disabilities and serves as a powerful affirmation of their dignity, enabling them to... Read more »
5:23 pm

AI transforming businesses, social order

The true potential of AI, where it visibly impacts the life of the common man and brings about social transformation, is yet to be realized Read more »
5:15 pm

Educational equity through Next Gen TV

Web Desk Washington, D.C: The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) has collaborated with Howard University Middle School of Mathematics and Science, and international IT consultancy Fincons Group to create a first-of-its-kind prototype... Read more »
5:04 pm

Akalis demand probe into destabilization of their government

Correspondent Chandigarh: The Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) has asked the Special Investigating Team (SIT) investigating the role of Kotkapura police to extend its investigation to ascertain the role of the Congress and... Read more »
4:43 pm

Languages must be preserved and passed on to future generations

Language is a key to human identity. In a country like India where hundreds of languages exist, debates about language and in which language education should be, is quite common. Read more »
4:33 pm

India’s First Hypo-Thermic Oxygenated Perfusion Liver transplant

“Even though normothermic machine perfusion has been used in the country but the high costs prevented the usage of procedure routinely. This HOPE procedure is low cost, innovative and revolutionary” Read more »
3:46 pm

More needy and promising towns than Ayodhya that need attention

Numerous Hindu temples and shrines of importance, along with forts and other priceless structures continue to decay and self-destruct all over the state. Read more »
2:47 pm

Drug abuse and trafficking remains a global challenge

India is caught in the middle of the world’s two largest regions producing illicit opium, the ‘Golden Triangle’, countries like Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia with a history of drug smuggling and the... Read more »
9:26 pm

Agitating farmers stand firm, demand repeal of Centre’s farm laws

Today the farmers staged a protest near Raj Bhavans across India, submitting a memorandum to Governors, which demands the repeal of the three farm laws and a new law, to guarantee a... Read more »
7:32 pm
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