China succeeds in first Mars landing

It took ground controllers more than an hour to establish the success of the pre-programmed landing. They had to wait for the rover to... Read more »
12:27 pm

Twitter likely to re-launch verification programme

Citing multiple sources, researcher Jane Manchum Wong on Twitter said that the social network is ready to launch its long-awaited new verification programme as... Read more »
7:24 pm

Lack of use, maintenance, leading to glitches in ‘Make in India’ ventilators

Despite instructions given in the user manual, detailed guidelines issued to ventilator users regarding infrastructure requirements, proper usage and maintenance of the CV200 ventilators,... Read more »
4:34 pm

India’s Geo Imaging Satellite GISAT-1 launch further delayed

The satellite supposed to be put into orbit this month is all set to be delayed as employees at various centres of Indian Space... Read more »
1:25 pm

7 Apple suppliers linked to forced labour of Uighurs in China

"At least five of those companies received thousands of Uighurs and other minority workers at specific factory sites or subsidiaries that did work for... Read more »
1:18 pm

Scientists develop coronavirus protocols to quickly spot mutants

The global consortium, led by researchers at Goethe University Frankfurt and TU Darmstadt, provides working protocols that will allow laboratories around the world to... Read more »
2:09 pm

This AI system can detect sarcasm in social media posts

Sarcasm has been a major hurdle to increasing the accuracy of sentiment analysis, especially on social media, since sarcasm relies heavily on vocal tones,... Read more »
5:57 pm

Falling Chinese rocket poses ‘low’ risk to humans

The "out-of-control" Chinese Long March 5B rocket will likely splash down in the ocean on Saturday, according to a report in The Verge. Read more »
10:48 pm

IIT Mandi invents new technique to detect abnormal brain activity

It is based on the fact that intricate interactions between nerve cells (neurons) and blood vessels (vasculature), called the NeuroVascular Coupling (NVC), regulates blood... Read more »
10:34 pm

SpaceX-NASA crew-1 astronauts return safely from space station

The astronauts -- NASA's Michael Hopkins, Victor Glover, and Shannon Walker, along with Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) mission specialist Soichi Noguchi -- returned... Read more »
7:58 pm

ISRO staff at various centres affected by Covid

"Only employees manning critical functional areas have been asked to attend office. The ISRO centres have been asked to follow the local government's norms,"... Read more »
6:56 pm

Novel chip that improves testing, tracing for Covid

"This new technology allows for faster and more accurate tracing of Covid and other respiratory viruses, including the appearance of new variants," Edwards said. Read more »
1:45 pm

NASA to launch balloons to study Sun-Earth system

The experiment, under NASA's Scientific Balloon Programme, will kick off an ambitious schedule of 18 flights in 2021. The first campaign of 2021 --... Read more »
5:02 pm

China launches core module for new space station

Tianhe will act as the management and control hub of the space station Tiangong, meaning Heavenly Palace, with a node that could dock with... Read more »
6:14 pm

Garuda drones to sanitise Bengaluru hospitals, public buildings

"At the initiative of P.C.Mohan, Lok Sabha Member from Bengaluru Central constituency, we will be starting the Covid-19 sanitisation programme for three days- April... Read more »
2:35 pm

Bharti-backed OneWeb takes in-orbit constellation to 182 satellites

These will form part of OneWeb's 648 LEO satellite fleet that will deliver high-speed, low-latency global connectivity, and represents 60 percent of the constellation... Read more »
9:49 pm

CSIR-CMERI develops oxygen enrichment tech for treating Covid patients

This technology has tremendous potential. He urged all the participant industries/entrepreneurs to come forward at this crucial juncture and manufacture the device at the... Read more »
5:29 pm

Indian tech leaders come forward to help breathless India

"We have sourced supplies for oxygen concentrators of different sizes while we place the order using our own money. We want you to join... Read more »
7:27 pm

SpaceX Crew-2 launches 4 astronauts to space station

The four astronauts on board are NASA astronauts Shane Kimbrough and Megan McArthur -- who will serve as the mission's spacecraft commander and pilot,... Read more »
5:29 pm

ICMR grants permission for drone trial to deliver vaccine

"The permission exemption is valid for a period of one year or until further orders," the Ministry said. The conditional drone use exemption has... Read more »
3:10 pm
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