COVID-19 pandemic will push 10 million more girls into child marriage

"Refugee communities are reeling from protracted displacement, poverty and the consequences of COVID-19 and we know that economic hardship, protection concerns and lack of access to education are persistent drivers of child... Read more »
3:37 pm

Over 8,500 children used as soldiers last year, 2,700 were killed

U.N. chief Antonio Guterres' annual report to the Security Council on children and armed conflict covers the killing, maiming and sexual abuse of children, abduction or recruitment, denial of aid access and... Read more »
12:13 pm

UK foreign aid cuts will harm world’s poorest nations

The move will cut about 4 billion pounds ($5.34 billion) in spending, with some programmes such as the Accelerating the Sustainable Control and Elimination of Neglected Tropical Diseases (ASCEND) health programme cut... Read more »
2:33 pm

Digital database for farmers raises privacy concerns and exclusion of poor farmers

Each farmer will have a unique digital identification that contains personal details, information about the land they farm, as well as production and financial details. Each ID will be linked to the... Read more »
10:43 am

Worldwide families struggle to stay afloat amid rising food prizes

World food prices are at their highest level in a decade, according to the U.N. food agency, making basic staples like rice, beans and cooking oil increasingly unaffordable for billions of people. Read more »
12:05 pm

COVID-19 pandemic left many poor struggling under lock-downs and crumbling economy

"The stateless in India have not received economic relief packages provided by the government...they don't have a bank account or proof of citizenship," stated a report titled, Together We Can: The COVID-19... Read more »
10:45 am

The rich in India getting Covid vaccine preferentially?

With the world's second-highest tally of infections, India's federal government has faced criticism for a bungled vaccine roll out that has covered fewer than 5% of an estimated adult population of 950... Read more »
12:25 pm

Some officials and activists in poorer parts of Global South face technology barriers as climate events move online

"It was very devastating and very stressful when you are trying to be connected and you can't speak," said Kalombwana, who belongs to the Citizens Network for Community Development Zambia, a non-profit... Read more »
1:31 pm

Indonesian workers on Chinese fishing fleet subjected to violence and debt bondage

"DHS will continue to aggressively investigate the use of forced labor by distant water fishing vessels, and by a wide range of other industries," Mayorkas told a news briefing. "Producers and U.S.... Read more »
1:05 pm

Foreign missions, troops leave Kabul – What happens to the Afghans who worked for them?

The rapid timetable has left diplomatic missions hurrying to increase security and draw up plans for how to operate in case security plummets, or the Taliban makes quick gains as the international... Read more »
4:45 pm

Why is Modi govt silent to US critique of freedom of religion in India?

India is being maligned by those who rule the country today: who are unable to meet the basic health needs of the people, who waste tax-payers money constructing a grandiose Central Vista,... Read more »
4:17 pm

Union govt, corporate houses continue to prepare ground for implementation of three anti-farmer laws

"We reiterate our support to the Kisan Andolan, and we condemn the devious design by the ruling party and its associated farmers’ wing Bhartiya Kisan Sangh (BKS) which has resorted to malicious... Read more »
3:57 pm

Why rural communities avoid public health facilities like plague

However, the Covid-19 pandemic has seen rural people enforcing an almost complete boycott of Government facilities. The people fear being tested and if positive, being confined to isolation facilities from which, they... Read more »
5:18 pm

Teachers unions in UP fight for acknowledgement of the high Covid-19 death toll among staff

According to the union 1,621 teachers and non-teaching staff of the Basic Education Department have died since the first week of April following the outbreak of the second wave of Covid-19. Of... Read more »
4:56 pm

Conflict in Gaza derails COVID-19 response and highlights chronic vaccine inequality

"People, including myself, forgot the virus. What's harder to survive? War or corona?" asked Agha, who dropped his COVID-related responsibilities to check on families in bombed-out neighbourhoods or keep his kids distracted... Read more »
12:44 pm
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