Migrant workers most vulnerable to rural distress, debt bondage and human trafficking

As a result of the lockdown, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar have been the worst affected states due to reverse migration, with 30 lakh people... Read more »

As fears of Covid-19 recedes from Dharavi business and commercial activities wake up

"Since the past week, work has started in spurts as there is labour shortage... Most of our migrant labourers were shifted out in the... Read more »

UK’s most wanted: India-born Sahnan runs much bigger drug ops than D-company in Europe

Born in India and brought up in Britain, Sahnan now operates from Spain but still has his family in Leicester. London and Belfast, according... Read more »

Only 13% foodgrains distributed to migrant workers

The Union minister, however, says the purpose for which this scheme was launched has been fulfilled, but he himself acknowledged that due to lack... Read more »

Governments drive to boost support for rescued children worker falling short

"States deny the presence of bonded people ... it increases their work, and makes them (rescued workers) eligible to entitlements," said Suresh Kumar, executive... Read more »

Not being able to provide smartphone for daughters studies man kills himself

"When Sukumar gave the new mobile phone to his daughter, she refused to accept it as she needed an Android smartphone for her online... Read more »

Cap on Covid charges, pushes small Delhi nursing homes to brink

While for the public, the orders of reservation of beds and capping treatment charges for COVID-19 patients came as a huge relief; for the... Read more »

China deploys two more divisions of troops along LAC

"In total, China has deployed around 24,000 soldiers more in the eastern Ladakh region," said sources, adding that a division comprises of 12,000 soldiers.... Read more »

Maharashtra outstrips France with Covid-19 cases!

The death rate in Maharashtra shot up from 3.37 per cent on June 1 to a worrisome 4.49 per cent on June 30. Read more »

ASHAs play critical role in sensitizing the communities about Covid-19

During the crisis, when every state was combating with the disease to contain its spread, Uttar Pradesh government pushed its ASHA workers to trace... Read more »

Number of people vulnerable to exploitation by traffickers is rapidly growing

"Instability and lack of access to critical services caused by the pandemic mean that the  number of people vulnerable to exploitation by traffickers is... Read more »

Plan to help livelihood through pine needles delayed in Himachal

"We got Central government-funded projects for training women and unemployed youth for making toys and other household items by using pine needles and bamboo,"... Read more »

Kashmiri Pandits “Issuing domicile certificates before settling us back is a violation of basic constitutional and human rights”

"We demand that the government of India must immediately come out with the Kashmiri Pandit Rehabilitation Policy. This should be announced before the issuance... Read more »

Legalization of Delhi’s illegal colonies gives people hope

Regularisation must result in "physical and social infrastructure, as well as minimum necessary services and community facilities," according to the Delhi Master Plan. Read more »

Over 700 staff from Hindu Rao Hospital have not received payment – Is this how India treats it’s warriors?

Tejinder Singh, president of the Paramedical technical staff welfare association, said that the corporation is forcing the employees to go on a protest when... Read more »

To avoid poverty 45-year-old circus queen becomes fish vendor amidst COVID-19

The corona spread forced shut her circus shows and she along with other members of her team are now grappling with an uncertain future... Read more »

Dharavi’s dramatic return from the brink

"The Dharavi 'tension' is off our heads now. We have worked really hard to bring it to this level and it has given excellent... Read more »

Covid-19 a wake-up call as food rots, prices soar and hunger grows

The World Food Programme has warned that by the end of this year, an additional 130 million people could face famine. Read more »

Indians from Northeast face increased racial discrimination and abuse

Like many Indians from Northeast India - a vast region that borders China, Gonmei has noticed a sharp increase in racial discrimination and abuse... Read more »

Who’s treating employees well and who isn’t during COVID-19

There is a huge gap between employees from different sectors, these numbers reveal the true story. Read more »