Rohingya refugees SOS: “Please help me… Many people may die”

"No one knew of the boat until the engine developed a snag and it drifted near Indian waters," Siddiqui said. "That was when I... Read more »
3:47 pm

Journalist’s shady rags-to-riches success story

"If needed, the police can hand over the journalist's disproportionate asset case to the Enforcement Directorate," Read more »
9:59 pm

Maha farm panel proposes ’10-point’ agenda to end farmers’ suicides

Despite measures, relief packages or loan-waivers worth over Rs five-lakh crore given by successive governments, the core issues remain untouched and need to be... Read more »
3:07 pm

Why big firms fail to ban sex harassment at work

"Some studies have shown one in three women will experience sexual harassment in their lifetime, so it's really important that this is addressed and... Read more »
11:35 am

How homes in Kerala turn into mini solar power stations

Combined with the 20,000 houses that already put in solar panels under an earlier initiative, the new Soura project will help Kerala cover about... Read more »
11:32 am

India witnesses highest number of coronavirus-related attacks on health workers

"As we enter the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic, we must learn from the failures of year one and act immediately to safeguard... Read more »
11:22 am

85 per cent of women missed out on a raise and promotion because of their gender

Highlighting critical gender gaps and opportunity barriers faced by women and mothers at the workplace in the country, the LinkedIn Opportunity Index 2021 said... Read more »
3:39 pm

Cong defends its Left-ISF alliance in WB, others object

"Congress cannot be selective in fighting communalists but must do so in all its manifestations, irrespective of religion and colour," Read more »
2:19 pm

Ordinary fisherfolk are still underpaid, unorganized, and uncared

In fact, most of the ordinary fishermen owned only their labor and they were subjected to severe exploitation by the local ‘Sea Lords’ who... Read more »
3:57 pm

A billion people suffer from hunger but almost double this number also suffer from obesity

According to WHO data for 2020 for entire world, in the case of children under 5 years of age, 45% of deaths are linked... Read more »
12:40 pm

UN welcome Indo-Pak statement reaffirming ceasefire

Asked if Guterres intended to talk to the leaders of the two countries about a dialogue, Dujarric said, "There's no plan that I'm aware... Read more »
5:15 pm

Government announces new rules to regulate big social media firms

The rules come after Twitter ignored orders to drop content on farmers' protests, fuelling the government's zeal, dating from 2018, to clamp down on... Read more »
11:16 pm

Rohingya refugee crisis playing out at sea

"Malaysia's Immigration Department should recognize that it cannot operate above the law," Lakhdhir said. "With Myanmar's brutal military back in power, the risks of... Read more »
12:49 pm

Uttarakhand first state to give women right over ancestral property

At the time, when women’s rights groups are asking for being provided status of ‘Kisan’ in rest of India and the fact that women... Read more »
11:09 am

Which are the 17 hotspots vulnerable for women in Delhi?

This list doesn't mean that crimes against women are not happening in other districts or police stations in Delhi but in comparison, the crime... Read more »
4:47 pm

1,300 workers protest against unjust takeover of their Tea Garden

According to the Tea Board, the total dues which needs to be paid to the workers are Rs 6.33 crore (till 2016, gratuity not... Read more »
3:43 pm

World is at a tipping point in the drive to end modern slavery

"You can have places where modern slavery is a terrible problem today, and won't be in 10 years," Thier said. Read more »
2:50 pm

Women farmers are seizing the moment to dust off their own long-standing demands

But farming is still widely seen as men's work and only 13% of women own the land they cultivate, making it more difficult for... Read more »
3:07 pm

More than 90% of India’s 450-million strong workforce are informal

Anxious to plug the shortfall of informal workers and heal the scars left by last year's strict lockdown, a growing number of Indian companies... Read more »
3:36 pm

68.7 per cent of women did not file sexual harassment complaint at workplaces

When asked if an employee had ever felt uncomfortable because of the presence of a colleague, more than 70 per cent of the respondents... Read more »
7:22 pm