US encourages Indian govt to uphold human rights obligations and commitments, protection of minorities

US encourages Indian govt to consult "religious communities, these outside actors" on passing laws to avoid alienating them Read more »
1:19 pm

Man who battled death is back on Kolkata streets helping those in distress

Mukherjee who for the last 25 years has been reaching out to the people on the streets of Kolkata providing them food, shelter, clothing... Read more »
8:43 pm

Hefazat sub-group ‘Manhazi’ members trained in Afghanistan

According to officials, since the early 1980s, many people went from Bangladesh to Afghanistan to join the Al Qaeda fighting against the Soviet Army.... Read more »
12:40 pm

UN: there is “clear and convincing evidence” that IS committed genocide against Yazidi in Iraq

"I'm able to announce that, based upon independent and impartial investigations, complying with international standards and UN best practice, there is clear and convincing... Read more »
1:28 pm

J&K sponsors pilot training, IT and journalism to boost jobs

The department will sponsor 10 students from the Gujjar and Pahari communities for commercial pilot training at a leading aviation academy. A batch of... Read more »
3:02 pm

Covid-19 crisis leaves many children without care

"Because the number of deaths has increased, the crisis is that either children are losing their parents, or their caregivers are hospitalised, and there... Read more »
11:33 am

Former army medics step in to support overwhelmed healthcare system

"IMA is astonished to see the extreme lethargy and inappropriate actions from the ministry of health in combating the agonizing crisis born out of... Read more »
11:25 am

Covid-19 pandemic once again forced poor people to live on pavements

The family members of the infected patients are themselves at a higher risk of contracting the virus. The Centre and the state governments have... Read more »
9:02 pm

LoC ceasefire violations shot up astronomically under Modi govt

In a glaring indicator of the growing tensions in India's immediate neighbourhood, it has now emerged that there were a whopping 11,424 Ceasefire violations... Read more »
3:19 pm

‘Herd immunity’ post-Oct, but vaccination needs a boost

"Given this trend, India can only be able to vaccinate 15 per cent of her population by October 2021 (which is required for herd... Read more »
10:21 pm

Why the need for Central Vista?

The construction of the Central Vista will change the entire view from Rashtrapati Bhavan to India Gate. Officials associated with this mega project say... Read more »
9:33 pm

Dugali’s tribal women make traditional cola to beat the heat

Locals have been using the tuber for centuries for its cooling properties, incorporating it in halwa and thandai. It keeps the body cool... Read more »
3:14 pm

India’s exhausted Covid-19 warriors seek support from Psychiatrists

"It's quite easy to say that we are trained to handle the high-pressure situations, sight of death and long-working hours without a break. It... Read more »
1:24 pm

China’s special recruitment drive for Tibetans amid border standoff

India's external and military intelligence officials told IANS that senior PLA officials are touring specific areas of Tibet to raise the Tibetan-only force. Read more »
10:42 pm

Sikhs in Pakistan on verge of becoming extinct minority group

While Pakistan's National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) claims that there are only 6,146 Sikhs registered in Pakistan, according to a census conducted by... Read more »
9:54 pm

COVID-19 tsunami overwhelms hospitals and crematoriums, leaving families scrambling for scarce medicines and oxygen

Daily infections have soared since the start of April. Some experts blame mass religious gatherings and political rallies for the severity of India's second... Read more »
10:07 pm

Did welfare schemes, freebies determine 2021 Assembly results?

Interestingly, women voters were at the centre of most of the welfare schemes, cutting across party lines. Read more »
8:20 pm

China’s massive Tibet infra push cause of worry for India

Chengdu is now the headquarters of the integrated Tibet-Sichuan military command that makes it possible for the People's Liberation Army (PLA) to move strategic... Read more »
8:03 pm

India’s unemployment rate may rise to 8% in April

"The labour participation rate (LPR) looks unlikely to fall in April. The 30-day moving average LPR indicates that the ratio was rising till April... Read more »
7:25 pm

Bharat Biotech’s BSL-3 facilities key to achieving 700M doses production

The vaccine is regarded as one of the safest in the world and highly efficient against the UK, SA, Brazilian and the new Indian... Read more »
2:22 pm
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