UPs new law against ‘love jihad’ another conspiracy against Muslims?

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What cost will Britain’s foreign aid cut have on the world’s poorest?

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G20 leaders wow to help poorest countries in Covid-19 battle and after

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Implementation of FRA in J&K a long-awaited and welcomed move by nomadic tribes

The Forest Rights Act (FRA) of 2006 aimed to recognise the rights of at least 150 million indigenous and rural people to inhabit and... Read more »

Women and girls hit hardest by Covid-19’s economic impact and famine, as they eat last and least

"There is a huge risk that millions of women and girls around the world are already going hungry," Sarah Fuhrman, a humanitarian policy specialist... Read more »

Make India free of manual scavenging!

Despite the constitution abolishing untouchability in the country, I am asking you, people, do you shake hands with them? The answer is no. That... Read more »

Will vaccines reach the poorest in the world?

Even before COVID-19 hit, access to vaccines was deeply unequal with around 20 million children not receiving vaccines that could save them from serious... Read more »

Sex workers suffer setback following a U-turn by country’s human rights body

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“COVID-19 patient tracking tool” raises red flags among digital rights groups

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People with low-income are more likely to face exposure to Covid-19

"If lower-income people were simply ignoring the trend towards physical distancing, we would have expected them to continue going to places like supermarkets, liquor... Read more »

India’s largest Covid-19 hospital appears to be crumbling under the weight of soaring coronavirus cases

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Kashmir nomads brought to a stage where they can only survive with a begging bowl

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Govt wants soldiers to serve longer as it faces shortage of funds

The newly created Department of Military Affairs headed by General Bipin Rawat has proposed to increase the retirement age of officers of the Indian... Read more »

46 per cent Indians borrow money to meet daily needs because of pandemic

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Causes and solutions of migration of the poor from within the country

An Impact and Policy Research Institute (IMPRI), New Delhi, note on special talk by Prof Babu P Remesh on Labour Migration in South Asia Read more »

UP moving towards making women self-reliant, confident, and ensuring their safety and respect

The decision to include women empowerment in the curriculum of Basic Education and Secondary Education has been hailed by parents. Read more »

Millions of orphans in India lack basic facilities required for survival

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Bihar election, former migrant worker going door to door seeking votes in villages

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Will India make its cities climate smart?

The "Climate Smart Cities Assessment Framework" will tackle the "increasing frequency of cyclones, floods, heatwaves, water scarcity and drought-like conditions", according to the government. Read more »

COVID-19 impact makes world question UN’s ability to protect human rights

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