Space Liability Pool a way out to cover space risks?

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) would take insurance cover only for satellites it launches from outside India through other space agencies. Read more »

This device may help detect signs of extraterrestrial life

Although Earth is uniquely situated in the solar system to support creatures that call it home, different forms of life could have once existed,... Read more »

Centre to buy aircraft worth Rs 250 cr for weather forecast

The Ministry of Earth Sciences, Ministry of Aeronautics and Technology is planning to purchase this aircraft. The information was given by Minister of Science... Read more »

ByteDance plans TikTok IPO on US stock exchange: Report

The move for a TikTok IPO globally on a US stock exchange is aimed at addressing ownership concerns, said the report on Thursday, citing... Read more »

India has four fully built satellites ready for launch

India realised 12 satellites during 2019-2020 out of which eight have been launched and four are ready for launch and transfer to the rocket... Read more »

Apple unveils Watch Series 6, cheaper Watch SE, iPad Air

The company also introduced the eighth-generation 10.2-inch iPad with Retina display. Starting at just Rs 29,900, the iPad features the powerful A12 Bionic chip... Read more »

Astronomers spot possible marker of life on Venus

The astronomers were surprised when they found the presence of a chemical called "phosphine" in the atmosphere of Venus, named after the Roman goddess... Read more »

Redmi Smart Band: Much more to offer for those on a budget

Available with different coloured straps including black, green, blue and orange, the smart band sports a 2.7cm (1.08-inch) coloured LCD touch display and packs... Read more »

Rising OLX fraud major concern for Gurugram Police

According to the police, the fraudsters adopt several techniques to dupe their targets, like fraud money is routed through multiple gateways, thus further complicating... Read more »

New Google programme to help SMBs build digital safety net

The programme was announced after a report this week showed how a "digital safety net" can serve as a support system for small businesses... Read more »

India calls for cooperation of tech cos, nations to stop disinformation

"We need greater collaboration among states and other stakeholders including technology companies, to stop spread of misinformation and disinformation, and to build strong counter... Read more »

ISRO expected to restart satellite launches in Nov

"The rocket launch is done by ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation). We are facilitating commercial launches," Read more »

World’s first floating Apple store opens in Singapore

"Our retail stores bring the best of Apple together and we're so proud to welcome you to our newest home in Singapore -- the... Read more »

Cyber frauds exploiting goodwill of Army, paramilitary forces to dupe people online!

Most times the victims fall prey and ends up losing money. To win the trust of innocent buyers, they also send them fake Army... Read more »

China tests secret spacecraft amid crisis with India

Beijing claimed that the "successful flight marked the country's important breakthrough in reusable spacecraft research and is expected to offer convenient and low-cost round... Read more »

Viruses play critical role in survival of species

According to the study, published in the journal Nature Structural & Molecular Biology, scientists in the Cincinnati Children's Perinatal Institute (CCPI) and at Azabu... Read more »

Young scientist develops women-safety ‘hand grenade’

It helps to promote women's safety in any emergency situation. Information will be sent to emergency numbers as soon as the device is activated. Read more »

NASA releases stunning images of cosmic world

The International space agency took to micro-blogging site Twitter and shared beautiful images of the cosmic world with the caption, "Observing our universe in... Read more »

Facebook tests feature to auto-share Instagram Stories

To see Instagram Stories on Facebook as part of the test, people will have to link their two accounts. Read more »

Roman Space Telescope’s main mirror completed

"Achieving this milestone is very exciting," Scott Smith, Roman telescope manager at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, said in a statement. Read more »