US presidential election drives deep divisions among Indian-Americans

Reflection of Indian domestic politics is clearly visible in the current elections. Hindu-Muslim divide is an issue with the Indian-American constituency as Trump is... Read more »
12:14 pm

Deciphering Gehlot-Pilot saga: The story is not yet over for Rajasthan

The story is not yet over for Rajasthan as more episodes of the Operation Kamal are being written. A wounded tiger is more dangerous... Read more »
4:50 pm

How the opposition is contributing to India’s ruin…

It must be said to the credit of the Congress that it has been consistently and doggedly exposing the Modi government’s failures be it... Read more »
5:57 pm

“Ram temple is not going evoke reverence in me for Ram residing in the new abode; he would continue to remain within me” – Dr Satish Misra

The way for construction of a grand temple at Ayodhya has been paved through duplicity and double speak but for me the coming temple... Read more »
4:00 pm

Young versus Old? The Truth About The Congress Crisis

Churning has begun in the Congress and disruption is going on and it is bound to result in a change which hopefully would resurrect... Read more »
1:54 pm

Why are women leaders outshining their men counterparts in handling Covid-19 crisis?

Much hyped strong leaders whose macho image has been drilled into the popular minds don’t like getting advice and are loathe to be challenged... Read more »
11:18 pm

A tale of two emergencies: Told and untold

Despite ritualistic condemnation of emergency provisions, the Modi government despite having required numbers in the two houses of parliament has not moved to scrap... Read more »
5:52 pm

Amit Shah’s role in crisis with China overlooked?

Did the ITBP inform the Home Ministry about Chinese incursions? If not then why? Does the ITBP get satellite images or nor? Such and... Read more »
4:40 pm

Nepal-India crisis a making of the Modi government?

The ties between India and Nepal came under strain after Defence Minister Rajnath Singh inaugurated an 80-km-long strategically crucial road connecting the Lipulekh pass... Read more »
1:59 pm

Chinese aggression: India unlikely to get back occupied territory anytime soon…

“China would be content if after altering the facts on the ground, the standoff is defused, say by a limited disengagement of few meters... Read more »
3:52 am

Taking sides between US and China is not in India’s interests

Both the US and China would like India to be on their respective side supporting them and this is the opportunity for New Delhi... Read more »
5:28 pm

6 Years of Modi Govt: A local that has gone vocal…

Taking a cue from one of the most popular US President John F Kennedy who had asked his countrymen and women “ Ask not... Read more »
10:35 pm

Trump’s mediation offer another election gimmick?

India, China and the US have their respective reasons to divert the people’s attention from domestic scenario to a foreign enemy. Read more »
7:19 pm

Anniversary Special: 6 years under PM Modi, what did we really get?

In his firm conviction that being the supreme leader of his party who is a min vote catcher, nothing should be done without... Read more »
4:20 pm

Priyanka’s 1000 buses: Who said the government is concerned about migrant workers, UP and Karnataka prove it doesn’t

It is no secret as why Yogi Adityanath is rattled with the Congress move to help the workers because being politically shrewd and astute,... Read more »
12:56 pm

Modi and Trump both hope blaming China will rescue them…

Political leaders of all hues and colors have often resorted to a political strategy through which they try to hoodwink the public opinion by... Read more »
1:55 pm

Rahul Gandhi exhibits far better leadership qualities than peers in the government during Covid-19 pandemic

Any good leader should keep his ears open to hear good advice. Despite being in the government and having no dearth of good advice... Read more »
12:48 pm
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