80-year-old veteran remembers 1962 war after PM’s visit

Even 58 years after India's defeat in the 1962 war with China, the regret and grief has not faded from the Havildar's voice as... Read more »

Making khadi the ‘fabric of empowerment’

The objective is to not look for a stop-gap arrangement this time, but truly create self-reliant and sustainable artisan clusters which provide value to... Read more »

Designer Gaurang Shah “Sustainability is providing weavers with continuos work”

"Today they (designers) do one collection and then they do away with the weavers. That is not sustainability. Being sustainable means you have to... Read more »

Indian receives UK’s The Diana Award

Inspired by the vision and guidance of her spiritual mentor Pujya Gurudevshri Rakeshbhai, founder of Shrimad Rajchandra Love and Care, Meera was nurtured with... Read more »

Mumbai charitable center has become refuge for Covid-19 patients

"At the Pawan Dham, patients are being charged Rs 1,000 per day for full COVID-19 treatment. This includes lodging-boarding, but they have to pay... Read more »

Questioning the sacrosanct, the new motto of fashion

Fashion pundits across the world seem to agree with him unanimously, as they discuss the road ahead for fashion and its various stakeholders. Read more »

Man shows mirror to society which considers differently-abled as helpless

The man who broke the myth of the differently- abled being dependent on help from others, not only nurtures his family by working on... Read more »

People from Ladakh region “China is encroaching our land”

"It is really sad that we lost our jawans, it is a big loss for the country," he says. "China is very aggressive from... Read more »

Nadia Murad unveils new code of conduct for investigating sexual violence in conflicts

"Too often, despite good intentions, the important work of documenting conflict-related sexual violence is not truly survivor-centric, and is not as safe, ethical or... Read more »

Army veterans “If orders come, we are ready to fight”

In Ladakh veterans who played a pivotal role in the previous escalations with China and Pakistan are reminiscing about the times gone by. They... Read more »

Private schools leave parents and teachers tormented in Rajasthan

Eventually, parents in thousands are running a 'No School, no Fee' campaign in the state, while teachers working in private schools are awaiting their... Read more »

Tripura HC takes suo-motu cognisance of trafficking and abuse of 14 year old girl

To add to the teenager's woes, she was said to be two-and-a-half months pregnant, a result of her so-called "marriage" with the Rajasthan resident... Read more »

Hospital bill of Rs 4.60 lakh leaves senior couple in shock after Covid-19 treatment

On June 14, the hospital raised a bill of Rs 4.60 lakh in the morning and asked them to pay, he said. "I was... Read more »

Red Cross fears Covid-19 spread in Somalias displaced camps

Almost 500,000 people have been forced from their homes by recent floods in central Somalia, the United Nations said, putting further pressure on some... Read more »

About 180 companies on Brazil’s slave labor “dirty list”

Yet an analysis based on exclusively obtained records found Emae, a company owned by Sao Paulo state, awarded a contract to Soebe Construçao e... Read more »

Akshaya Patra Foundation serves 6.3-crore meals to the needy since the lockdown

The Foundation has 52 kitchens in 12 states and 2 Union Territories across the country. Read more »

Rs 200 crore fundraiser for children launched by Rotary Club

Rotary India and Rotary Club of Bombay have committed resources and effort across different platforms to deal with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic... Read more »

Malls and eateries limping back to life in Bengaluru

Absence of tourists and serving staff, including waiters who are migrants from other districts in the state, is holding up other hotel chains from... Read more »

Economic shocks caused by pandemic set to fuel poverty, unrest and instability

"The countries which are going to suffer the most are those which are currently fragile because they are the ones which generally have higher... Read more »

Rapping dreams into realities

It was in a small shantie that the 'The Dharavi Dream Project', which has been running as an after school for the past six... Read more »