A teenage trafficking survivor receives highest compensation award

The girl, now 17, was last week awarded the compensation by a court in West Bengal, having previously testified against the three suspects in... Read more »

British social worker doing charity in India combats dengue, malaria and corona

As per information, Jones had been coming to Rajasthan to help local artisans sell their wares via his charity institute. However soon after his... Read more »

Muslim man digs reservoir in his home for Chhat festival

In Bhagalpur, a Muslim family built a small water pool for Chhat in the courtyard of their house, where more than 50 devotees paid... Read more »

14-year-old girl comes up with award-winning solution for ironing “wallahs”

"I calculated the enormous quantity of charcoal being used, the pollution from it that worsens climate change, damages Mother Earth and human health. I... Read more »

Peace activists reach out to women leftist fighters with sanitary items

Women make up a large proportion of the guerrillas fighting government forces in the jungles of central and eastern India, an intractable conflict that... Read more »

COVID-19 pandemic surges interest in pedal power to keep fit

"This year, the demand was too high," he said. His monthly sales have doubled on average this year and would have been even higher... Read more »

Shashi Tharoor “reaffirm the patriotic idea of India enshrined in our Constitution”

"It is time to reaffirm the patriotic 'idea of India' enshrined by our Constitution, in order to build a New India that will cherish... Read more »

Muslim neighbours come to rescue as mob attacks Hindu temple in Karachi

However, it was the bravery and courageous stand of the Muslims from the same compound that reached the gate and stopped the mob from... Read more »

Indian Army officer and his fellow paddle 427-km in 31 hours through inhospitable terrains of Himalayas

They are Col. Vishal Ahlawat and Sepoy Ravi Kumar of the Corps of Electronics and Mechanical Engineers (EME Corps) who made a world record... Read more »

‘The Learning Factory’ doesn’t do justice to Tata legacy

Readers of "The Learning Factory - How The Leaders of Tata Became Nation Builders" (Penguin) will only be half informed after reading this book... Read more »

A ‘NREGA’ for artists is need of the hour

From folk musicians in the Manganiar and Langa communities in Rajasthan to the storytellers of Telangana's Kakipadagollu community, who have been practising their art... Read more »

Covid puts pause on highly revered Himachal deity’s winter sojourn

After five days of brief excursion, Lord Gyephang is returning to his temple in this village situated on the bank of the Chandra river... Read more »

NCB trying to bring back couple from Qatar which “unintentionally” carried drugs in baggage

The couple, Mohammad Shareeq and Oniba Kauser Shakeel Ahmed, was arrested at the Hamad International Airport in Doha by the drug enforcement agencies with... Read more »

After finishing his duty this Delhi Police constable teaches poor children

"I started this school in 2016, with four children. Today, there are around 50 children. Some of them have gone back to their village... Read more »

COVID-19 is fueling hunger in an already hungry world

For while COVID has upended the entire food system, it has hit smallholders and their families hardest. They number some 2 billion people... Read more »

JFK vs. Nixon – the first televised presidential debate

On 26 September 1960 two of the most fascinating men in US politics, Senator John F. Kennedy (1917-1963) and Vice President Richard Nixon (1913-1994),... Read more »

Despite of many schemes for children in West Bengal parents sell baby because of poverty

"It is quite unethical on the part of the parents to take such a drastic call. By doing such things they are also committing... Read more »

Bengaluru’s iconic flower market hit hard by pandemic

"Unless schools, colleges and corporates start functioning to full capacity, the demand for flowers will continue to be sluggish." Read more »

Furious monkeys engaged in war cause two human lives in Taj city

The deceased Laxman Tulisiani, a gold valuer, and Veera, a beldaar, were on the second floor of the dilapidated house when the wall of... Read more »

A remarkable journey from an Kashmiri orphanage to clearing KAS

"I learned how to convert challenges into opportunities with full self-confidence and dedication. Finally it paid me off and I have made it to... Read more »