This horse gets a 50-pound cake on it’s birthday

Golu says that he has not celebrated his own birthday till date but celebrates Chetak's birthday every year. He said he had brought Chetak... Read more »
1:41 pm

Ashish Kaul “Much more needs to be written on Kashmir”

"Everyone must know that when 31 years ago, Kashmir was burning and minorities were being terrorised, the government and civil society turned their... Read more »
12:12 pm

Jatin Das seeks to spotlight the hardships of millions of migrant workers

Titled "Exodus 2020", a selection of the 200 ink paintings he created are being shown at the Art Alive gallery in New Delhi this... Read more »
2:08 pm

An inspirational story of a wrestler from Indore slums

Cleaning cars and doing such odd jobs in the morning would fetch Jadhav just Rs.150, and he would train later in the day. When... Read more »
3:34 pm

Low-cost school wins global praise and local recognition

ModSkool was designed for the children of farmers living along the Yamuna river in Delhi after their school was demolished. It was built with... Read more »
2:52 pm

Many people earn a living thanks to the farmers’ agitation

Although there is no shortage of volunteers at the site of the agitation, with thousands chipping in at community kitchen for langars, for some... Read more »
3:15 pm

Hope is still alive for people gone missing in Chamoli

"It was around 10.40 a.m. on Sunday. We were both working together at the dam site when a sudden gush of violent wind swept... Read more »
7:33 pm

High on charas, foreigners cultivating locals in Himachal!

They are having a 'field day' in remote villages for a long time by ensuring the multimillion-dollar narcotics trade mainly high-class marijuana reaches across... Read more »
3:40 pm

Hands which were once used to beg now earn a dignified livelihood

"Initially, we've organised a 15-day counselling session for these destitutes. After counselling, we shall start a 3-month training programme for them to ensure... Read more »
2:02 pm

Activist Hansraj Meena “Without social media, I have no voice, and I can’t do as much to help farmers”

Meena's was one of dozens of accounts withheld on the request of the Indian government on grounds the users were posting content aiming to... Read more »
3:59 pm

Once seen begging, now these children dream of becoming doctors, police officers

This is courtesy the efforts of Dharamveer Jakhar, a police constable in Rajasthan who has been teaching them regularly for an hour every day... Read more »
5:01 pm

‘Someday, hopefully, we will get to live together in Kashmir’

Like others, my father and mother left behind home, work, friends, heritage and also, all their emotions for a place where they had both... Read more »
3:03 pm

Man is running ‘Turban Bank’ for thousands of protesting farmers

Tajinder was present at the Tikri border for the last 18 days and has tied nearly 20,000 turbans till now, carrying the cloth used... Read more »
8:05 pm

Foot massage centre brings joy to protesting farmers old in age

Amarpreet, Managing Director, Khalsa Aid said apart from this massage service, their NGO is providing many other services including shelters, langars etc to ease... Read more »
4:44 pm

‘Open House’ is open for all, irrespective of religion or caste

"I couldn't have afforded a rented room in the city. I came to know about this place from my friends and arrived here two... Read more »
3:35 pm

“Kung Fu Nuns” bring aid to villagers in Himalaya amid Covid-19

"They are a new generation of women who are not afraid to break century old taboos and stereotypes," said Carrie Lee, a volunteer and... Read more »
9:14 am

I fear contract-based farming will grow and trap farmers like me in bonded labour!

The government keeps trying to explain the laws to us but we already understand them and know the kind of consequences they will have. Read more »
3:18 pm

Story of slavery survivor Ponrajan can’t be ignored

"I tell everyone my story - how I went to a spinning mill when I was 14, cried when I was not allowed to... Read more »
11:17 am

A teenage trafficking survivor receives highest compensation award

The girl, now 17, was last week awarded the compensation by a court in West Bengal, having previously testified against the three suspects in... Read more »
12:19 pm

British social worker doing charity in India combats dengue, malaria and corona

As per information, Jones had been coming to Rajasthan to help local artisans sell their wares via his charity institute. However soon after his... Read more »
7:58 pm