What contraction in GDP means to me..

This means that the input costs have marginally increased but the sales prices have been jacked up way beyond reasonable limits so that profits... Read more »
10:12 pm

But you have remained blind with eyes… until you got screwed yourself

Now that your jobs are about to disappear, your EMI's are looming on your head, you won't be able to afford to pay 2,00,000... Read more »
4:23 pm

A plan to help migrant workers reach their destination

Let us not leave anyone / anything to chance….Let us roll this out as soon as possible….can't depend on this government or railways any... Read more »
8:15 pm

If you are cautious, you can survive Covid-19 but a stupid government may end up killing you – Vinod Chand

All the governments, at the center and at the state, have repeated the mistakes and, therefore, the second wave may end up killing a... Read more »
2:40 pm

What I would have done in Modi’s place -Vinod Chand

What the government of India is doing is offering loans to businessmen. When there is no demand for anything, what will people do with... Read more »
8:02 pm

Time for Ramayan is over; it will now be Mahabharat – Vinod Chand

Diverting people's attention with PoK or war with Pakistan or terror attacks will not work this time. Read more »
1:22 pm
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