Everything could have been done differently, better

During this lock-down we had the economic crisis, the migrant crisis, the trains fiasco, the ventilator "scam", the deaths and the recoveries. Read more »
4:40 pm

Uddhav Thackeray has shown wisdom in seeking Kerala’s help

– Darshan Mondkar Maharashtra Govt has requested Kerala for 50 specialist Doctors and 100 nurses to handle the Covid pandemic in Mumbai. While some... Read more »
8:30 pm

If we have to be AtmaNirbhar, we don’t really need a Govt

The govt is there to provide service to the citizens and not to sit on their high chair and tell people to be "AtmaNirbhar".... Read more »
2:47 pm

“Bois Locker Room” episode: We are part of the problem – Darshan Mondkar

As soon as the "Twist in the Bois Locker Room Case" story was published by the media, you could almost hear a collective Hurrah... Read more »
2:01 pm
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