New IT Rules do not meet international norms

The report said as a global leader in technology innovation, India has the potential to develop a legislation that can place it at the... Read more »
7:59 pm

Unequal vaccine distribution in urban and rural areas

More than awareness campaigns, the rural areas need vaccination centers which are easily accessible, with free vaccines available and walk in vaccination without digital... Read more »
7:41 pm

‘The Flying Sikh’ no more

Milkha Singh was the only sportsman to win gold at the Asian Games in 400 meters race. He will be most remembered finishing the... Read more »
6:19 pm

No indications of black money in Swiss banks says Finance Ministry

According to the Swiss National Bank (SNB) Indian deposits in Swiss banks have increased from Rs 6,625 crore (CHF 899 million) in 2019 to... Read more »
12:54 pm

Release of activists leads to a piquant legal situation

On one hand the court refuses to stay the release of the three activists after the HC judgment, thereby legitimizing their release, yet on... Read more »
12:46 am

Domestic violence now a ‘shadow pandemic’

Physical and sexual violence against girls and women has always been a problem in India. Once in a while single cases reach the attention... Read more »
8:08 pm

Desperate plea of stranded migrant workers to rescue them

The 13 workers are now living on the streets, at a time when lock-downs are in place in many parts of the country to... Read more »
7:05 pm

Global peace index reduces worldwide, India faced with a difficult future

In India, the pandemic will eventually be over, but when it is we will be having a devastated nation on all fronts – Economic,... Read more »
2:30 pm

16 crew of MV Mangalam rescued; Coast guard on high alert over oil-spill

Meanwhile the Indian Coast Guard has been put on high alert after Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC) Colombo informed India about a oil spill... Read more »
11:38 am

Much needed help for unemployed youth

Despite all promises made by the central government many young people are not very confident and hopeful about their employment prospects. Especially those with... Read more »
7:38 pm

Challenges for women scientists in India

To support women to take up a career is not only to give them a chance to express their creativity and abilities, but it... Read more »
4:33 pm

Elderly people not only vulnerable to COVID-19 but also to abuse

According to the World Health Organization, there are 77 million older persons in India today, and the number is growing to grow to 177... Read more »
2:52 pm

14 new therapeutic centres for early intervention for children with special needs

For a successful intervention, therapies for children having development delays and disabilities need to start at an early age as possible (0-6 Years), immediately... Read more »
1:15 pm

Gap between COVISHIELD doses can change…

The increase in gap between two does, however, is limited to only the Covishield vaccine. Whereas the Covaxin second dose has to be taken... Read more »
10:16 am

65 coal mines for auction

The auctions process began on 18th June 2020 and 19 coal mines were auctioned in the first tranche. The 2nd tranche auction process was... Read more »
8:49 am

Hallmarking of Gold Jewellery now mandatory

A ministry statement said the Hallmarking will help consumers as well as buyers avoid any confusion while buying gold. Hallmarking certifies purity of gold.... Read more »
8:25 am

How sincere is the Government really about tackling land degradation?

Each year, an average of more than 20 million people are forced to leave their homes due to extreme weather, heavy rainfall, droughts, desertification,... Read more »
10:19 pm

Will Hosabale be sympathetic to the farmer’s cause?

Being the son a farmer, he knows the struggles that farmers face. He is aware of the toil, the struggle, the poor remuneration. Most... Read more »
5:10 pm

Did land value around Ram Temple increase 8 times in 11 minutes?

According to the documents provided by AAP and Samajwadi Party leaders, the land over which the alleged fraudulent deal happened is a residential plot... Read more »
3:10 pm

Mission O2 India to augment oxygen supply

When India faced the worse crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic and was literally choking, the government denied that India is facing a shortage of... Read more »
2:42 pm
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