Gut hormone that regulates fat found abnormal in obesity

"This gut hormone actually acts as a breaker of insulin action, and specifically inhibits lipogenesis in the liver so that it is tightly regulated,"... Read more »

High blood sugar ups Covid-19 death risk in non-diabetics too

It adds to evidence that hyperglycaemia -- the medical term for high blood glucose -- is associated with a higher chance of death independent... Read more »

Vegans, vegetarians at higher risk of bone fractures

According to the findings, published in the journal BMC Medicine, vegetarians and people who ate fish but not meat had a higher risk of... Read more »

24 kg tumour removed from patients’ stomach in UP hospital

The tumour was removed from the abdomen by a team of surgeons led by Dr. Shahbaz Habib Faridi, under the supervision of Prof. Syed... Read more »

Study reveals why age is no barrier to successful weight loss

"Weight loss is important at any age, but as we get older, we're more likely to develop the weight-related co-morbidities of obesity," said study... Read more »

BP drug may ease recovery in alcoholics with withdrawal symptoms

"There has been no treatment readily available for people who experience severe withdrawal symptoms and these are the people at highest risk of relapse... Read more »

Diabetes, BP may up neuro complications in Covid-19 patients

The virus that causes Covid-19 first attacks cells in the respiratory system, often leading to an inflammation of the lungs that puts people at... Read more »

Mouthwash can kill Covid-19 virus in 30 seconds

"The ability of mouthwashes to inactivate SARS-CoV-2 in vitro was tested using a protocol capable of detecting reduction in infectivity," said the study authors, Read more »

Major measles outbreaks forecast for 2021 due to Covid-19

"Many children have missed out on measles vaccination this year, making future measles outbreaks inevitable," said study lead author Kim Mulholland from the Murdoch... Read more »

Diabetes drug can treat and reverse heart failure

"Our clinical trial's promising results show this diabetes drug can ameliorate lives of heart failure patients with reduced ejection fraction, enhance their exercise capacity,... Read more »

An egg a day can trigger diabetes too

The study found that people who regularly consumed one or more eggs per day (equivalent to 50 grams) increased their risk of diabetes by... Read more »

Diabetes spreading in India, could catalyse chronic conditions

A study conducted by a diagnostic centre revealed that the people living in metro towns are inching towards developing diabetes. The study assessed 4,53,854... Read more »

6 common myths about diabetes

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The need to understand children with intellectual disabilities

Explaining how in our country, according to the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016, there are 21 types of disabilities specified, he says... Read more »

1st in KGMU: Siamese twins separated

The real test would be when the babies begin to accept and digest food. "That is when we can say that the surgery has... Read more »

Severe Covid-19 infection rare in newborns

The study, published in the journal The Lancet Child and Adolescent Health, traced all babies less than 29 days old with Covid-19 across the... Read more »

Out of Covid-19 fear woman neglected treatment for elbow for eight months

The woman, Akhtari Ali, was suffering from a chronic neglected elbow dislocation with multiple fractures and ligament injuries. She had neglected the treatment for... Read more »

Awareness for cancer screening important to save lives

Environment degradation and faulty lifestyles are leading to an increase in cancer incidence in the country. Protecting the environment and adopting a healthy lifestyle... Read more »

Most humans at diabetes risk as evolution of insulin hits roadblock

Scientists from Indiana University (IU), University of Michigan and Case Western Reserve University determined that the sequence of insulin has become entrenched at the... Read more »

As air quality worsens, risk of asthma, cancer looms large

While the health experts have been witnessing an almost 20 per cent rise in the number of such patients for the last two weeks,... Read more »