Delaying 2nd Covid vax dose in under 65 may cut deaths

Both the Pfizer and Moderna covid-19 vaccines in a standard two dose schedule are highly effective at preventing symptomatic infections and death. But immunity... Read more »
2:35 pm

Breathe deep, crawl and walk for Covid recovery

As Covid-19 attacks the body and mind -- Johns Hopkins Medicine said rehabilitation efforts aim to restore the whole person, helping you return to... Read more »
9:28 pm

Covid: Undetected early heart damage ups death risk

The study showed Covid-19 patients with a first-phase ejection fraction -- a measure of the left ventricular ejection fraction until the time of maximal... Read more »
12:28 pm

Covid jabs won’t raise immunity in organ transplant patients

The study, led by researchers at Johns Hopkins University in the US, showed that after two doses of Moderna or Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine against SARS-CoV-2... Read more »
12:36 pm

Why some patients test positive for Covid long after recovery

Some virus RNA can be reverse transcribed and inserted into the human genome, finds a new study, which may explain why some people who... Read more »
9:15 pm

Ibuprofen safe, doesn’t raise Covid death risk

Early in the pandemic, there was debate on whether the use of such drugs increased the severity of Covid-19, which led to urgent calls... Read more »
9:11 pm

Indigenous herbal medicines helpful in treating mild to moderate Covid

Indian scientists have found Kaphasura Kudineer, a siddha poly-herbal preparation consisting 15 herbal ingredients, and Ayush-64, a poly-herbal formulation developed by Central Council for... Read more »
4:54 pm

1 in 3 women with Covid pneumonia at lung damage risk

The study showed that even after a year, a third of patients' measures of lung function were reduced, particularly how efficiently oxygen is transferred... Read more »
11:06 pm

IISER Bhopal identifies protein key in viral transmission

"We believe that the N-protein promotes the incorporation of the spike protein into viral particles, thereby increasing the chances for each viral particle to... Read more »
3:11 pm

Strokes in young adults linked to Covid-19

Of the 380 patients who suffered stroke while suffering from Covid-19, nearly 38 per cent were asymptomatic to the coronavirus, and had no recognisable... Read more »
9:47 pm

Prior Covid infection may help vaccine fight new variants

In people who have not previously been infected and have so far only received one dose of vaccine, the immune response to variants of... Read more »
8:16 pm

How SARS-CoV-2 affects lungs

"It's a devastating disease, but the picture we're getting of the Covid-19 lung is the first step towards identifying potential targets and therapies that... Read more »
1:40 pm

New smell test developed for Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s & Covid

To take the smell test, the capsules are simply crushed between the fingers and the tape strip peeled to release the aroma contained within... Read more »
4:37 pm

Brazilian Covid variant more transmissible, can evade immunity

"Our analysis shows that P1 emerged in Manaus around November 2020. It went from not being detectable in our genetic samples to accounting for... Read more »
6:23 pm

Menstrual Migraine: Headaches before, during and post your period

Before the period, menstrual migraine is one of the prominent symptoms of PMS. So, these headaches occur when your body undergoes changes in the... Read more »
2:46 pm

New nanobody-based treatments may help fight Covid

By mapping nanobodies, the research team led by Wai-Hong Tham, Associate Professor at WEHI in Victoria, Australia, was able to identify a nanobody that... Read more »
9:35 pm

How diabetes, cancer & pesticide exposure raises Covid risk

Exposure to organophosphate pesticides causes Gulf War Illness -- a cluster of medically unexplained chronic symptoms that can include fatigue, headaches, joint pain, indigestion,... Read more »
3:34 pm

Cancer, low income raised anxiety in women during pandemic

For the study, Y. Stefanie Chen and her team from the Weill Cornell Medicine in New York City conducted telephonic interviews with 100 women... Read more »
8:19 pm

Covid-19 vaccine safe during pregnancy

"Importantly, no safety concerns were observed for people vaccinated in the third trimester, or safety concerns for their babies," Walensky said. "As such, CDC... Read more »
8:07 pm

High Vitamin D dose fails to help Covid patients recover

A clinical trial was conducted in Brazil with 240 patients who were given 200,000 IU of vitamin D3 on admission to hospital. The supplementation... Read more »
3:53 pm
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