AI reveals current drugs that may help combat Alzheimer’s

The approach also allowed the researchers to identify drugs that had protective as well as damaging effects on brain cells. Read more »
2:57 pm

Vision impairment linked to mortality

"It's important these issues are addressed early on because losing your vision affects more than just how you see the world; it affects your... Read more »
7:03 pm

Smoking cessation drug may treat Parkinson’s in women

The study, published in the Journal of Neurochemistry, showed that, in an animal-based model, the drug reduces the loss of dopamine neurons in females,... Read more »
1:01 pm

Clinical studies find mustard oil may be best for your heart

"The composition of mustard oil is a cardiologist's delight -- that's why an increasing number of doctors are recommending mustard oil to reduce the... Read more »
12:42 pm

School-based dental programme linked to reduced cavities

"The widespread implementation of oral health programs in schools could increase the reach of traditional dental practices and improve children's oral health -- all... Read more »
1:18 pm

More screen time linked to binge eating in kids

The study, published in the International Journal of Eating Disorders, found that each additional hour spent on social media was associated with a 62... Read more »
3:48 pm

Follow ‘5-a-day’ rule for longer, healthier life

The study identifies an optimal intake level of fruits and vegetables and supports the evidence-based, succinct public health message of '5-a-day,' meaning people should... Read more »
4:55 pm

Genes that ups obesity risk but protect identified

"The identified genes seem to benefit our health by helping to maintain a healthy fat tissue," said researcher Tuomas Kilpelainen from the University of... Read more »
1:27 pm

Ambitious initiative towards a drug-free India

A 24x7 National Toll Free Helpline has been instrumental, especially during the lock-down period, in providing help to victims of drug abuse, their families... Read more »
5:18 pm

WHO experts warn health risk of ‘post-Covid’ symptoms

"The disability following SARS-CoV-2 infection lingers on for months with severe social, economic, health and occupational consequences," said Kluge, who identified the issue as... Read more »
12:32 pm

Modi’s mega plan to fight malnutrition

As more than 38 per cent of children in the country suffer from stunting, and over 58 per cent of them are affected by... Read more »
12:29 am

Fat cells may influence how body reacts to heart failure

"Many people believe that, by definition, heart failure is only a condition of the heart. But it's much broader and multiple organs are affected... Read more »
3:05 pm

Targeting MAPK4 enzyme may provide therapy for prostate cancer

"We are interested in finding an inhibitor of MAPK4 activity that could help better treat prostate cancer and other types of cancers in the... Read more »
12:04 pm

Survival guide for women to cope with menopause at work, home and play

The short and humorous chapters include research from anecdotal experiences of the author and other women. The book discusses the significance of legal, rights-based... Read more »
5:18 pm

How screen time impacts boys and girls differently

"Screens allow us to engage in a wide range of activities. Guidelines and recommendations about screen time should be based on our understanding of... Read more »
7:15 pm

Psychotherapy boosts positive effects in panic disorder patients

"Many people adapt to their panic disorder by various restrictions in their daily living," said researcher Thomas Nilsson from Lund University in Sweden. Read more »
7:21 pm

Drinks, drugs up premature heart disease in youngsters

"The growing body of research on these issues suggests the need for a nationwide education campaign on the potential long-term damage being done to... Read more »
5:54 pm

Why allopathic doctors are on a pan-India hunger strike

The protest came in response to the rules, introduced in November 2020, which enable provision of training for Ayurveda practitioners to perform surgical procedures.... Read more »
6:20 pm

Paid maternity leave linked to long-term health benefits

"Available data now also shows that paid maternity leave is good for the physical and mental health of mothers and their children. So, now... Read more »
3:57 pm

India winning allies with vaccine diplomacy

The government has so far gifted over 62 lakh doses of Covid-19 vaccines to its immediate and extended neighbourhood, out of the 170 lakh... Read more »
8:54 pm