Democratic fascism in Bihar

You cannot ask a question from Government; you cannot express your view or opinion.If you raise your voice against the government, you will be... Read more »
2:00 pm

Modi’s Claims about Bangladesh: A peep into the past

In a rally on 12th August in front of Parliament, Atal Bihari Vajpayee stated that Indo-USSR friendship is a conspiracy against Bangla desh, it... Read more »
9:07 pm

Nuclear Weapons Blazing: Britain Enters the US-China Fray

The report clearly prioritizes the British-American alliance above all others, stating that “The United States will remain the UK’s most important strategic ally and... Read more »
2:36 pm

Why India has been downgraded by Freedom House

The postulants said that they are Christians and intend to become nuns. The police was brought in and four of these women were taken... Read more »
3:03 pm

Gujarat land grabbing law devastated women, poor

The law can target women and lower-caste Dalits who have traditionally not owned land, with 2,000 widows farming shrimp at risk Read more »
8:51 pm

Nemom will be the cynosure of all eyes in Kerala elections

Nemom is often referred to as the 'Gujarat of Kerala' by the BJP. The CPI-M for long has been taunting the Congress that it... Read more »
7:02 pm

Will Vijayan’s gamble pay off as it’s happening in CPI-M

Not many in the party or its followers ever thought that as many as 33 sitting legislators would be booted out Read more »
10:49 am

The Growth Of Fascism Or The Fascism Of Growth?

What undoubtedly corresponds to what happened in the 1920s is the increase in economic inequality. In our case, obscenely exacerbated by the pandemic. Read more »
12:56 pm

What has Amazon to do with the ongoing farmer protests?

Meanwhile, in June 2016, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos received a business leadership award from PM Modi at a U.S.-India Business Council event in Washington.... Read more »
12:01 pm

New farm laws are connected and work against the farmers’ benefits

In most of these schemes, farmers do not get the sole and whole benefits. Some sound very good on paper, but if we... Read more »
3:49 pm

Farmer Agitation Continues To Burn Flame Of Resistance

The struggle is now reminiscent of a virtual war of attrition with neither the govt.or the farmers willing to yield. The Ruling BJP party... Read more »
2:48 pm

The Hathras rape and its cover-up is a foretaste of Hindutva in full flow

In post-independent India the low castes had a better lot than their predecessors through millennia, until the rise of the casteist, communal BJP under... Read more »
6:33 pm

India’s sorry Covid saga

Even if one believes the government claims of the present Covid figures being low, it is not something that anyone sane can trumpet around.... Read more »
10:55 pm

An ear to the ground: August 5 will be the nemesis of the BJP before long…

The BJP and the sangh parivar may be celebrating August 5 for its communal misadventures, but this very date, along with all of the... Read more »
8:37 pm

God help us all if racketeering by private hospitals, nursing homes during pandemic is not curtailed

After the start of the lock-down and the continuing restrictions after lifting it which have together resulted in a deteriorated economic situation, the hospitals... Read more »
4:01 pm

Your Honors, please show some sympathy towards the migrant workers

The Supreme Court increasingly comes across as beholden to the government. In the process, welfare of the nation and the people have got... Read more »
6:30 pm

Did The ‘Reich’ Really End On May 7, 1945?

The right-wing in Germany, which is increasingly making political gains as the call in the country for an alternative increases, must never be allowed... Read more »
3:09 pm

Modi and the Media: Tragic Saga of Disappointments

In crisis times, he was seeking partnership from media but he has had an adversarial relationship with the fourth estate   He has systematically worked... Read more »
1:17 pm

Lock-down has become a two-edged sword in India, the political class must get out of the way

Right now, all that the Union government and all its concerned institutions are doing is playing catch up and playing catch up always precludes... Read more »
2:05 pm

Andhra’s 3 capital city gamble…

– Oliver D’Souza “Farmers in more than two dozen villages who pooled at least 33,000 acres (13,355 hectares) of land for the new capital... Read more »
4:56 pm