Farmer’s forced a change in political alliances in Punjab

SAD-BSP alliance has revealed the power of the farmer community in India to make or break political parties and governments. The SAD-BSP allaince... Read more »
7:02 pm

A true PM would have thus spoken…

I take it upon myself that I let my guard down. I shouldn't have conducted the massive election rallies and alerted the Uttarakhand CM... Read more »
6:43 pm

They deserve our gratitude, respect

Government is still absent from most remote areas of India other than during elections Read more »
1:10 pm

History repeating itself in INC as conflict portends a split

INC can't move on and prosper and grow as long as these "way past their sell by date" people keep dragging the party into... Read more »
6:48 pm

Our response to rape is hypocritical

While certain segments of society are celebrating the alleged ‘encounter’ killing of the four youth who raped and burnt a veterinarian  on the outskirts... Read more »
9:18 am

The Hathras rape and its cover-up is a foretaste of Hindutva in full flow

More importantly, the entire dynamics that facilitated the Hathras rape is a candid exhibition of what Hindutva is all about. Millions of Indians have... Read more »
11:16 am

Time to make Facebook’s Zuckerberg answerable for the criminality….

It is not merely Public Policy Director of Facebook India, South and Central Asia, Ankhi Das, alone in FB who is doing the bidding... Read more »
7:59 pm
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It is do or die for the media: Its financial woes are self-created

If the media thinks that it can continue prostrating itself before the government of the day and still be able to survive, it is... Read more »
2:56 pm

Chinese aggression is more about PM Modi than about border issues

It is one thing to have the epiphany that you are the dominant force in the country because you have 303 parliamentary seats, which... Read more »
2:13 am

When relief trains become death trains the Railway Minister needs to be sacked

Does PM Modi have the wherewithal to sack the Railway Minister? It is a moot question. He cannot afford a rebellion within his ranks... Read more »
3:02 pm

Why should the poor do taapasya and consider suffering their tyaag?

The nation does not need a lesson on how to deal with its problems using religion. There are enough men of the cloth to... Read more »
3:58 pm

What judgement should we expect in the Babri Masjid demolition case?

Like others who read the flow of the wind, the judgment most likely is not going to send Mr Advani to a cell in... Read more »
1:32 pm

Another midnight conspiracy

at the end of it all, people like Justice Murlidhar who speak truth to power will still be the heroes, while those who transferred... Read more »
11:15 am

The EC is at it again

During the 2019 Lok Sabha it was obvious to the whole nation that the Election Commission of India (ECI) had sold itself to the... Read more »
10:17 am

The EC is at it again

this will go on as long as the population continues to be indifferent to the shocking developments in the country, including the comprising of... Read more »
7:21 pm

Food on the table matters the most

Rather than take the CAA route, in Assam, since you cannot send them back, it would have sufficed to legalize all the refugees and... Read more »
3:11 pm

Bhim Army leads the Dalit charge against CAA-NRC

Even as of now most opposition political parties and Dalit national and regional organizations have failed to hit  the streets against the CAA, 2019... Read more »
11:17 am

Ruthlessness of caste

The citizenry also needs to ask itself how did things come to such a head in the country, what their role in it is... Read more »
5:04 pm

Budget is ´Bhaikata´ in wrapping

The packaging of the Budget as a Bhaikata is more than symbolism. It is an openly arrogant assertion of the economics of Manusmriti contained... Read more »
9:57 am

A second chance to redeem himself

The Modi government cannot take its victory for granted nor can it use it to further Hindu Rashtra. It must realize that underneath, the... Read more »
11:12 am
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