Biden appoints 2 Indian-Americans as policy advisors

The White House on Friday released the announcement by Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris appointing Chiraag Bains and Pronita Gupta to those positions... Read more »
3:58 pm

Indian-Americans are taking over US

"It's amazing. Indian of descent Americans are taking over this country. You, my Vice President, my speechwriter Vinay. But I tell you what, thanks.... Read more »
1:34 pm

Biden appoints Indian-American Director of WH Military Office

As the Director of the White House Military Office, he will oversee military support, which includes providing medical support, emergency medical services, and presidential... Read more »
2:25 pm

Dubai Hindu temple to virtually celebrate Shivratri

"We don't want thousands of people to gather and cause concerns about the spread of the virus. Hence, we decided to close the temple... Read more »
5:52 pm

25 Indian priests in Kathmandu for ‘Kshama Puja’

Kshama Puja is often performed if there is need to make any changes to the temple, replace idols or if regular prayers are obstructed... Read more »
3:25 pm

South Asian group mobilises for Tanden as Biden stands by her

If she were to get confirmed by the Senate, Tanden would be the second Indian American to be in the US cabinet, the first... Read more »
3:24 pm

Biden’s Indian-American cabinet nominee runs into Senate opposition

"Her overtly partisan statements will have a toxic and detrimental impact on the important working relationship between members of Congress and the next director... Read more »
3:45 pm

Modi’s vaccine promise to Canada breaks irritants: Indo-Canada Chamber

Trudeau is facing a public backlash because of the lack of the availability of vaccines as both Pfizer and Moderna have either cut or... Read more »
7:37 pm

Biden cancels Trump’s nomination of Indian American as judge

Appointment of judges is a political matter in the US and the president appoints them from the pool of ideological soulmates or party loyalists.... Read more »
2:11 pm

Make or break moment for Indians in US Green Card queue as stimulus bill nears closure – Nikhila Natarajan

The overall pie does not get bigger, though. At the same time, legal Indian immigrants have never been closer to smashing through what some... Read more »
6:45 pm

‘Grandson of a poor farmer in India’: Vivek Murthy re-introduces himself to America

So more than anything, I will come to this role as a doctor - one who learned the most important lessons about medicine not... Read more »
11:05 am

Biden picks Indian-American Neera Tanden to head powerful budget office

The Indian-American veteran of Democratic election campaigns, if confirmed, will oversee the budget process for the entire government on behalf of the President and... Read more »
4:03 pm

Indian American charged with pushing woman on to train track

The woman had an incredible escape after she laid down and stayed still on the track while the train passed over her after she... Read more »
3:51 pm

Haryana Ratna Award given to Ambala man by NRIs in Canada

"The aim of HANA is to connect the Haryana diaspora with their roots, keep our traditions alive, promote business relations with Haryana and honour... Read more »
1:20 pm

Indian engineering student found dead in Sharjah

The deceased identified as Jyot from Dubai was found dead on the night of November 2. Read more »
5:53 pm

All 4 Indian Americans re-elected to House of Representatives

Raja Krishnamoorthi was considered such a formidable candidate the Republican Party did not put up a candidate against him in Illinois. He defeated the... Read more »
9:39 pm

Keralite Priyanca Radhakrishnan sworn in as NZ Minister

A two-time MP from Auckland, she reached New Zealand to pursue her higher studies, following which she a Kiwi national hailing from Christchurch and... Read more »
3:34 pm

Indian-origin New York cop called hero for disarming alleged killer while off-duty

Jason Maharaj, who was off duty on Monday evening, "quickly sprang into action," on witnessing the shooting, "tackled the suspect, disarmed him and held... Read more »
3:48 pm

8 Indo-Canadians elected MLAs in British Columbia polls

All eight winners belong to the ruling New Democratic Party which secured an absolute majority with 55 seats in the 87-member House. Read more »
5:31 pm

Republican Hindu group scaling back campaign for Trump

The Republican Hindu Coalition (RHC), which organised the event on October 15, 2016, in New Jersey, is scaling back its campaign for Trump and... Read more »
8:18 pm