IBC: Much needed to boost credit flow and the economy – Taponeel Mukherjee

The aim always, especially post the pandemic, must be on improving the availability and lowering the cost of credit for productive purposes. The three... Read more »
1:57 pm

A sliver of hope – Yajurvindra Singh 

The COVID-19 has caused a pandemic which has affected everyone’s life but life has to go on. Therefore, the cricket authorities around the world... Read more »
2:38 pm

Lock-down being used by government to do its dirty deeds – John Dayal

The  suspension of civil society and the media in the Covid Lock-down is just the environment the political dispensation and the police have been... Read more »
12:32 pm

Problems with handling COVID-19 originate in PM Modi’s style of leadership – Dr Satish Misra

Had the national lock-down been launched from March 1, the country would have been able to control the situation much better, aver some other... Read more »
6:13 pm

Instinct for survival will bring new ideas – Amit Khanna

If you print notes and monetise your reserves, what will happen to inflation and the currency? Further, what happens if the crisis lingers on... Read more »
1:43 pm

Corona fallout — utilise the precious resource called time – D.C. Pathak

Time became the new resource — besides money and manpower — that was not to be wasted. It is in this backdrop that the... Read more »
3:09 pm

What does cricket look like after COVID-19?

In India, and many other countries, sweat is used more frequently than saliva to shine the ball. The saliva only plays a part when... Read more »
10:44 pm

Covid Survival Guide for Businesses – part 3

(This a three part series on COVID Survival Guide for businesses, especially small businesses/ startups) Part 3: Microeconomics This will have 3 sections: a.... Read more »
8:33 pm

The change we did not see

What we will see in the course of the next few months and even years is a ferocity of change humanity has never witnessed.... Read more »
5:43 pm

Covid Survival Guide for Businesses – part 2

(This a three part series on COVID Survival Guide for businesses, especially small businesses/ startups.) 1929 Depression changed economic policy forever; Central Banks were... Read more »
1:29 pm

Why is a virat Govt bending over to placate the Muslim world? Hindutva valued at less than $55 billion?

The UAE and Saudi Arabia are India’s third and fourth-largest trading partners respectively and the total bilateral trade of the GCC countries with India... Read more »
12:41 pm

Covid Survival Guide for Businesses – part-1

This a three part series on COVID Survival Guide for businesses, especially small businesses/ startups. Part 1: The Pathogen Part 2: Macroeconomics Part 3:... Read more »
9:29 pm

Zoom aims to grow as an Indian company, plans to hire more

For the unified communication platform that has clocked 300 million daily users globally, India is an important market and the company has long-term plans... Read more »
12:39 pm

Sweden fights COVID-19 differently with success

In major parts of Sweden, around Stockholm, we have reached a plateau (in new cases) and we’re already seeing the effect of herd immunity... Read more »
10:57 am

Timely action saved Cuba from the worst

Its national emergency planning structure is connected with local organizations in every corner of the country. The disaster-preparedness system, with mandatory evacuations for vulnerable... Read more »
6:26 pm

Trans-Himalayas pose challenge to Covid-19 warriors in Himachal

Sometimes the frontline Covid-19 'warriors' have to traverse on horseback to reach remote habitations. Read more »
3:44 pm

Markets have bottomed but aftershocks to continue

Unless the merchant banker pulls out a rabbit from his hat, the current indicators are not suggesting that the issue would go through. The... Read more »
12:21 pm

Why rapes will not stop in India despite the forthcoming four hangings

Forty per cent of girl-children, twenty-five per cent of boy-children are sexually abused in India, half at home or by adults whom they trust.... Read more »
6:36 pm

ICC on an imperialistic path to a royal battle

By Yajurvindra Singh  The word ‘imperial’ has that touch of legacy that one associates so strongly with the British empire of yore. The game... Read more »
3:41 pm

How secure will India be in 2020?

BY Maj Gen (RETD) S.B. ASTHANA (10:06)  National Security has a wide span and needs to cover much wider period for any meaningful analysis, but... Read more »
2:03 pm