Helping Indian SMEs to achieve scale – Taponeel Mukherjee

India needs a long hard look at ways to deregulate the economy and businesses. Deregulation pertains to not just the legal frameworks at play... Read more »
3:44 pm

Recovery ‘from below’ – D.C. Pathak

Job loss remains the primary reason for economic distress and some form of unemployment dole may have to be provided by the government selectively... Read more »
1:06 pm

The Indian cricket pantomime ready to explode – Yajurvindra Singh

The IPL has become the heart and soul of Indian cricket. The T20 format may not be the epitome of what conventional cricket is... Read more »
6:06 pm

The era of strategic flexibility – D.C. Pathak

India faces a new challenge of resetting its strategy of handling international relations taking into consideration three important paradigm shifts of our times --... Read more »
3:05 pm

To retire or not: Ours not to reason why, ours but to do & die – Yajurvendra Singh

In the corporate world, the retirement age restrictions play a significant part to end one's career, even though one is fit mentally and physically... Read more »
3:30 pm

Masjid at Ayodhya to portray Ganga-Jamuni tahjeeb

It is sincerely hoped that the upcoming mosque at Ayodhya will be the beginning of a healthy competition between those who want to promote... Read more »
1:55 pm

US election is an event of interest for India – D.C. Pathak

Indo-US convergence on global security issues can greatly help to contain the twin threats of terrorism and 'expansionism' that have arisen -- particularly in... Read more »
12:48 pm

Cricket astronauts under pressure

The BCCI may not have got the full value of the IPL title sponsorship that they would have liked to in financial terms, but... Read more »
1:16 pm

Disruptors at the gate – Taponeel Mukherjee

At a fundamental level, the consumer's engagement and spending are what all industries would try to win over since businesses opened shop centuries back,... Read more »
4:04 pm

Indian cricket cannot wait endlessly

The difficult situation that each one of them will need to face would be six days of quarantine and mandatory isolation. To be confined... Read more »
6:38 pm

Makings of a new Cold War – D.C. Pathak

The US ordering closure of the Chinese consulate at Houston in July on charges of commercial espionage and the Chinese in turn shutting down... Read more »
1:00 pm

Chetan Chauhan: ‘Memories of a Rajput warrior’ – Yajurvindra Singh

The great Dennis Lillee learned a lesson when he tried to rattle him with some short, fiery deliveries. Chetan's square cut, both along the... Read more »
2:41 pm

Indian cricket guidelines – ‘age is just a number’ – Yajurvindra Singh

The world is reeling under the spread of this unexpected virus attack and the uncertainty of being able to deal has put a threat... Read more »
1:21 pm

Covid complications on the crime front – D.C. Pathak

Since the Covid curbs are likely to remain with us in the long term, the police leadership must get its act together and apart... Read more »
2:08 pm

Calypso & reggae and not cricket is all that’s left in WI

The West Indian cricket team was always one that cricketers and lovers of the game around the world followed. The West Indian side of... Read more »
5:26 pm

A strategic framework for India’s China policy – D.C. Pathak

First, China has -- notwithstanding the call for 'consensus' on not letting 'differences develop into disputes' raised by it in summit interactions -- given... Read more »
5:16 pm

Has play in Test cricket come a full circle?

The England versus West Indies Test series is wonderfully placed at one match all, with the third Test being the decider. One did get... Read more »
12:48 pm

An intelligent approach to economic recovery – D.C. Pathak

Fortunately, India having made up for some lost time, is in a position to formulate a strategy of economic recovery resting on an assessment... Read more »
2:11 pm

Finally, cricket has arrived once again

The effort and planning that would have gone into it and to be the first country to do so, must have been quite an... Read more »
3:33 pm

Time to bring match-fixing law into Indian cricket – Yajurvindra Singh

The recent incident involving a well-known bookie, Ravinder Dandiwal, is a prime example of how a cricket match held in one corner of India... Read more »
8:32 pm