French move against radicalisation – D.C. Pathak

Without mentioning the word Muslim or Islam, the Act prescribes punishment for anybody who passed on information about a potential target of Islamic radicals,... Read more »
1:19 pm

Cricket technology could end up in a mess – Yajurvindra Singh

Sport has gained enormously from it, not only for the sportsmen but also for the millions of fans and well wishers following it. Cricket... Read more »
12:21 pm

The pink ball affair: India versus England – Yajurvindra Singh

India will not only need to play to win the series against England, but need to ensure a win to stay alive to qualify... Read more »
3:52 pm

Biden’s world view emphasises American outreach – D.C. Pathak

On the whole, the new US President has tried to put domestic political turbulence to rest and activated the international profile of America with... Read more »
6:24 pm

India got the short end of the stick – Yajurvindra Singh

For a successful sportsman, it is as important to celebrate those golden moments that get them refreshed and rejuvenated. Unfortunately, this was not to... Read more »
2:18 pm

Cricket’s maiden World Test Championship is being taken lightly – Yajurvindra Singh

The battle for a place in the final is between the four top teams that at present rule the world of cricket -- India,... Read more »
2:06 pm

India need to keep their guard up – Yajurvindra Singh

Victory such as this before the next series is something a team has to be wary of as the expectations from their well-wishers seem... Read more »
5:27 pm

A reset for India’s security policy – D.C. Pathak

The simplest definition of terrorism is 'resort to covert violence for a perceived political cause'. Without a 'cause' terrorism would be sheer criminality which... Read more »
5:12 pm

India’s ODI win just the catalyst for Test series – Yajurvindra Singh

Winning has become the only mantra and the early losses of the Indian team in Australia has given rise to one and all attacking... Read more »
3:53 pm

Ministry eye on OTT-online content – Vinod Mirani

But, Sacred Games and other such programmes that followed, raised many eyebrows and, from the day of its launch on the OTT, a demand... Read more »
12:51 pm

Indian Premier League 2020 — A Perfect 10 – Yajurvindra Singh

To be cocooned and isolated from the outside world in a bio-safety bubble must have been a frustrating and mentally challenging experience and for... Read more »
8:38 pm

Scam 1992 sets new standards for biopics – Vinod Mirani

The audience today may or may not have the patients to watch it in one go. In those days, going to film was about... Read more »
6:55 pm

Crossing ‘Lakshmana Rekha’ in cricket never a cake walk – Yajurvindra Singh

Each side in the IPL requires at least eight wins to maybe secure a place amongst the last four for the knock-out stage of... Read more »
7:27 pm

No more big bucks from corporates – Vinod Mirani

The stars always enjoyed a great fan following among the movie buffs. Those were the days then watching a movie was a bigger priority... Read more »
6:29 pm

Centre okays cinema reopening if states agree – Vinod Mirani

There has been no movement of money, let alone circulation. An economy works on how many times a rupee circulates in a year. Sadder... Read more »
12:22 pm

This axis is unleashing an offensive – D.C. Pathak

In what is an alarming development, recent seizures made by security forces in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir are mostly of weapons... Read more »
1:41 pm

IPL 2020 captaincy: A task one is not envious of! – Yajurvindra Singh

The IPL has through its elaborate media coverage let several distinguished cricketers give their words of wisdom vis-a-vis teams, players, and the game plans.... Read more »
3:34 pm

The ‘six inches’ that make the difference – Yajurvindra Singh

The diversity where people and places are concerned in modern India has now extended in such a way that a cricketer follower's loyalty to... Read more »
5:58 pm

Helping Indian SMEs to achieve scale – Taponeel Mukherjee

India needs a long hard look at ways to deregulate the economy and businesses. Deregulation pertains to not just the legal frameworks at play... Read more »
3:44 pm

Recovery ‘from below’ – D.C. Pathak

Job loss remains the primary reason for economic distress and some form of unemployment dole may have to be provided by the government selectively... Read more »
1:06 pm