26/11 attack demanded sweeping changes of the nation’s coastal security construct – Sumit Kumar Singh

"Though the much-awaited single-point apex level body, the proposed National Maritime Authority (NMA) is yet to be realised, an 'inter-agency set-up' spearheaded by the... Read more »

Ujjwal Nikam reveals how he insisted on “public trial” in 26/11 case – Quaid Najmi

"Actually, the government considered holding an 'in-camera trial', given its sensitive nature with domestic, regional and global political ramifications, besides the massive security concerns.... Read more »

Pakistan-based terrorists increasingly attack defence establishments in J&K – Sumit Kumar Singh

"In Jammu and Kashmir every day some or other incidents happen but because it happens in Jammu and Kashmir no one take notice of... Read more »

Strengthening ties with India a “high-priority” in a new Biden administration – Arul Louis

Blinken, who was the deputy secretary of state in the administraiton of former President Barack Obama, said during the presidential campaign that from "Biden's... Read more »

‘Delhi Chalo’ movement of farmers in Punjab gaining ground – Vishal Gulati

At least one member from each household in his village is gearing up to seek the axing of the farm laws following the 'Delhi... Read more »

What India expects from Biden’s Presidency – D.C. Pathak

The democratic environ at home will reestablish itself with passage of time but for the world outside, particularly India, Biden's foreign policy package would... Read more »

How BJP uses MGR to find a foothold in Tamil Nadu – Navneet Mishra

Even AIADMK leaders expressed displeasure over the use of MGR's photographs by the the BJP. They believed that the BJP was cashing in on... Read more »

In India’s absence, will China be biggest beneficiary of RCEP? – Mahua Venkatesh

But even as the jury is out on the future of RCEP, New Delhi's exit from the trade pact has helped China retain the... Read more »

Shiv Sena slams BJP on Thackeray death anniversary: BJP’s brand of Hindutva is ‘divisive’ – Quaid Najmi

On the other hand, the BJP's brand of Hindutva is 'divisive', only to grab power in every state, waken/remove Constitutionally elected non-BJP governments, use... Read more »

Yasmin Kidwai “All for artists in times of Corona” – Sukant Deepak

"Honestly, I did not know how I could help. Offering money to the artists might have seemed disrespectful. Also, they must be craving for... Read more »

Voices of dissent growing louder and louder in UP Congress – Amita Verma

The Congress leader said that while other political leaders in BJP and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) were extensively touring the state, ahead of the... Read more »

What Obama has to say about India, Manmohan Singh… – Arul Louis

"Across the country, millions continued to live in squalor, trapped in sunbaked villages or labyrinthine slums, even as the titans of Indian industry enjoyed... Read more »

‘Right To Information Act’ gets stronger, the more citizens make use of it – Vishnu Makhijani

The fact that it has been used 24.4 million times between 2005-16 shows that "it is now in the hands of the citizens and... Read more »

What Kamala Harris means for women in India – Tara Krishnashwamy

Politically aspirational women in cities discussed her politics, and while villages were mostly untouched, women's grassroots political networks organised discussions on her journey to... Read more »

Saving Tibet from CCP is vital for Asia’s future – Binay Kumar Singh

Two decades ago, the 21st Century was dubbed as Asia's Century, which the developing economies of the region set to drive global growth. But... Read more »

Once mocked as ‘navsakhiya’, Tejashwi Yadav proves his mettle – Anand Singh

Tejashwi, who made his debut in politics in 2015 assembly polls, was seen under the shadow of his father as he travelled along with... Read more »

Knives out in Cong after party fares badly in Bihar – Syed Moziz Imam

He said, "They did not listen to the state leaders and kept the leadership in the dark on the tie-up. They even conceded those... Read more »

Bihar Assembly election results did end on a photo finish note – Ajay Kumar

In a nail-biting finish, Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) candidate Shakti Singh Yadav lost the election to JD(U) candidate Krishna Murari Sharan with just 12... Read more »

People in Bihar have not been impressed by smaller parties – Manoj Pathak

The initial trends as per current reports indicate that the smaller parties will not be able to manage more than 12 to 15 seats... Read more »

Awadh’s royal descendant “We don’t need to prove we are patriotic” – Soudhriti Bhabani

"Do we really need to prove that we belong to this soil, as much as they do? Do we really need to reaffirm that... Read more »