How farmers balance protests and farming – Ashish Srivastava

"We would rotate three times a month. A batch will replace the previous one so that they can go back to the work. Ten... Read more »
6:06 pm

Pakistan asks India not to shy away from negotiations on J&K issue

"I didn't succeed but I am optimistic that eventually sense will prevail. The only way the subcontinent can tackle poverty is by improving trade... Read more »
4:33 pm

‘Power yatra’ by Raje now limited to a ‘religious yatra’ – Archana Sharma

BJP sources have confirmed that the much-proposed political yatra of Raje has been limited to religious yatra owing to the recent visit of BJP... Read more »
1:54 pm

Bangladesh, India should solve problems through negotiations – Sumi Khan

"It's a great achievement. The development of Bangladesh is miraculous," he told the Prime Minister, while adding that "the comfort levels of both the... Read more »
1:31 pm

Time for a new law against so-called honour killings – Saurabh Sharma

Human rights groups say thousands of women and girls are killed across South Asia and the Middle East each year by family members angered... Read more »
11:20 am

‘Black Wednesday’ in Myanmar stirs global reactions – Subir Bhaumik

UN Envoy on Myanmar Christine Schraner Burgener told mediapersons that 38 protesters were shot dead on Wednesday as security forces defied an international call... Read more »
12:50 pm

Now it’s the turn of the ruling party at the Centre to own up its mistakes – Quaid Najmi

State Congress President Nana Patole, Nationalist Congress Party Spokesperson and Minister Nawab Malik, Shiv Sena leader Kishore Tiwari and Samajwadi Party state President Abu... Read more »
2:05 pm

Would Azad hold key to future political power in J&K? – Sheikh Qayoom

For more than 45 years, Azad and the Congress party have been the two faces of the same coin in J&K. A Congress worker... Read more »
12:59 pm

BJP paying prize for farmers distress in Punjab, UP and Haryana – Dr Ashok Dhawale

“Citizens are conscience keepers of government in any democratic nation. They cannot be put behind bars simply because they choose to disagree with state... Read more »
12:02 pm

Target Net Zero by 2050 – Asad Mirza

Since the start of 2021, Gates had been trying to focus everyone's attention on the greatest challenge to the humankind i.e. climate change in... Read more »
2:51 pm

Bhagat Singh’s is a story that needs to be told & retold – Vishnu Makhijani

An even greater irony is how even today, in both India and Pakistan, it is Bhagat Singh who is seen as the principal figure... Read more »
1:36 pm

Why was Disha Ravi arrested? – Pramod Ranjan

However, what has been published in media does not throw complete light on the matter. Here, we would like to discuss some untouched aspects... Read more »
4:07 pm

Delhi riots: A year later, over 3,500 granted bail – Aakanksha Khajuria

The clash snowballed into full-fledged rioting in the area between February 23 and 27, last year. According to the Delhi Police, 53 people were... Read more »
1:16 pm

Covid-19 threatens a comeback in India – Sumit Saxena

In the backdrop of emerging mutations, Prof. N. K. Ganguly, former Director General, Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), said "As mutations interact with... Read more »
1:07 pm

If farmers are in deep trouble, then won’t this affect the food security? – Bharat Dogra

A huge question before us is—given the increasing weather uncertainties and extremes, more water stress and disasters in times of climate change, will... Read more »
11:41 am

A New Cold War And Climate Change – Michael T Klare

“The most effective way to meet that challenge is to build a united front of U.S. allies and partners to confront China’s abusive... Read more »
11:00 pm

Loan sharks trapping many sex workers in cycle of debt – Roli Srivastava

Reflecting concern about the plight of India's informal workers, the nation's human rights panel asked state governments in October to formally recognise sex workers,... Read more »
4:09 pm

What lies in store for Indian politics which was fractured in two during Badshah Khan’s 1969 visit? – Saeed Naqvi

The international system is trying to compose itself today. It was dividing itself sharply during the Pashtun leader's visit. Just as India became salient... Read more »
12:26 pm

Guns turn towards members of minority community – Dar Javed

Guns of militants turning towards members of the minority community, who stayed in Kashmir even after 1990, indicates the desperation and frustration of their... Read more »
12:22 pm

Disha Ravi “There is nothing against me, please consider this,” – Mohanty, Fadnavis

Police allege that Ravi was involved in creating and sharing an online document containing advice for protesters. Police say this document stoked the violence... Read more »
3:21 pm