India observed ‘communal harmony week’ – Why we have no reason to celebrate

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‘Love Jihad’ theory is a very calculated effort to deny individuals their choice to marry

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Rahul sandwiched in internal power politics of Congress

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Law against ‘love jihad’ is against progressive social and political transformation towards an egalitarian society in India

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Australian diaspora rights group in shock over O’Farrell’s visit to RSS headquarters in India

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Bihar leads in undemocratic, authoritarian and autocratic and divisive politics and governance

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What happened in Bihar?

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Why rise of Biden is not good news for Modi

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CDRO “Witch-hunting of opposition must be stopped”

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New National Education Policy to ‘destroy’ public education system

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India’s topmost economists estimates that GDP decline was around 50%, and not 23%

Referring to the impact of Covid-19 on the unorganized sector, Prof Kumar said, 94% of the employment in this sector yields 45% of the... Read more »

Why statements like ‘Indian Muslims are most happiest in world’ is like rubbing salt on the wounds of a besieged community

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TRP racket – Indian media ignores the dirt defacing its own image

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Amnesty International India becomes latest victim of Government

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Babri Masjid demolition judgment – Some celebrate, others are in shock

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Farm bills, speechless democracy and media

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Will the three bills solve issues that small and marginal farmers are facing?

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Kapil Mishra continues with hate speeches and accusations – Is he above the law?

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This is what civil society can do to protect vulnerable children amidst Covid-19

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Can Brahmins Bring Revolution: An Assessment Through The Prism Of Tarimela Nagi Reddy

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