CJI Bobde asking rapist to marry victim is “outrageous”, activists call for his resignation

Brinda Adige, a women's and children's rights activist, said she was "furious" over Bobde's suggestion, fearing lower courts might now be more willing to... Read more »
3:32 pm

Historic Farmers’ Movement reaches 100 days, grows from strength to strength

“Freedom is not when the rule is taken over from the white man to brown man. This is only transfer of power. Real freedom... Read more »
11:41 am

Modi government created crisis for all sections of peasantry

The true significance of the ongoing historic farmers’ struggle throughout the country is that it strikes squarely at the disastrous, anti-national, neo-liberal policies of... Read more »
11:37 am

MBS and the Killing of Jamal Khashoggi

This state sanctioned killing was a vile, clumsy effort against a journalist and critic of a person who has come to be affectionately known... Read more »
12:45 pm

Dangers of increasing corporatization of farming and food sectors

At the core of this highly selfish and disruptive effort are a number of giant multinational companies , having local subsidiaries and branches in... Read more »
11:51 am

History was made at the Barnala grain market in Punjab

PKMU state president Lachman Singh Sewewala said, the issue of farmer laws will be a great harm to the employment and livelihood of agricultural... Read more »
11:08 pm

Unity of farmers and workers gives hope in times of increasing distress

A significant step in the direction of this unity was taken about three months back. On November 26 2020. India witnessed a... Read more »
12:56 pm

Importance of activists in a democracy

In such circumstances, activists, who claim to be working for genuine causes such as overall social welfare, for defeating corruption and nepotism in public... Read more »
11:19 am

What is digital fascism?

"Perhaps, it is just as Hitler’s Reich Minister of Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, once said, 'It will always remain one of the best jokes of... Read more »
2:43 pm

What role does WEF play in Modi’s farm reform?

In September 2021 the UN will hold a Food Systems Summit. The aim will be to reshape world agriculture and food production in the... Read more »
3:40 pm

Arrest of 22-year-old climate activist triggers outrage amongst politicians and activists

"Disha Ravi's arrest is the latest escalation in India's crackdown on free expression and political dissent, as it seeks to stifle the farmers' mass... Read more »
8:29 pm

Destiny of farmers is not self-annihilation, but a consistent struggle against crony capitalism

"Reforms cannot be imposed by turning a deaf ear to people’s anxieties and concerns, due deliberations must not be short-circuited in framing laws. The... Read more »
8:14 pm

Farmer movement is creating the impact of an inferno

What is most progressive is that the movement is now taking an All India shape or character. Very pertinent that like the waves of... Read more »
2:12 pm

Twitter’s India snub sparks debate on free speech

As the prolonged crisis escalated, the government this week sought an "emergency blocking" of the "provocative" Twitter hashtag "#ModiPlanningFarmerGenocide" and dozens of accounts. Read more »
2:37 pm

Modi’s new way to “denigrate” protesters and activists by calling them “andolanjivi”

“The andolankaris of India have fought for a society which is just, equal, plural and diverse”, as against the Sangh brand of campaigners who... Read more »
7:42 pm

Why the Union Budget is Disappointing

After all it is well known that inequalities have grown greatly during recent times with a further accelerating trend in 2020, in particular there... Read more »
9:55 pm

Mahatma Gandhi’s message on none-violence remains highly relevant today

“If the method of violence takes plenty of training, the method of non-violence takes even more training and that training is much more... Read more »
5:32 pm

Thousands of farmers reinforce protesting colleagues amid police stand-off

"Concerned over police high-handedness, thousands of farmers, who were not part of the protest, have now come to bolster our movement," Rakesh Tikait, president... Read more »
4:25 pm

Actions against peaceful farm leaders, negotiators will send a very wrong message

As history has shown time and again, repression and suppression of peaceful and disciplined protests amounts to an invitation to violent and uncontrolled protest,... Read more »
7:04 pm

Who is behind the violence during farmers’ R-Day rally?

The renegade rally toppled police barricades, and destroying 'public property', moved to the heavily-guarded Red Fort by 2:30 pm that was not possible for... Read more »
1:29 pm