Migrant workers in Bihar “Hunger and unemployment will kill us, if not the coronavirus”

Down to Earth had reported that the PM’s announcement of the PM Garib Kalyan Rojgar Yojana from Bihar was nothing but a poll tactic.... Read more »

Death of father-son duo in police custody calls for changes in our policing system

Police is used against political opponents and activists. They become brutal or simply ‘wardi waale gunde’, as a former judge of Allahabad High Court... Read more »

India’s premier human rights organization describe situation today worse then 45th years ago

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Progressive states like Odisha are beacons of hope for migrant population

In spite of limited resources and apathy of the Central government, the state and government in Odisha is making remarkable progress under the leadership... Read more »

Why Bollywood stars been labeled as “hypocrites” after speaking out against racism?

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SC asks Centre to submit response in petitions seeking action against media for communalisation

CJI Bobde, stated, “Don’t let people instigate law and order issues, there are the things that later become law and order issues,” while addressing... Read more »

In Yemen child labour and marriages on rise amidst Covid-19

"We are seeing a growing number of families resorting to harmful coping mechanisms such as begging, child labour and marrying of children to survive," Read more »

Latin America’s slum dwellers lead coronavirus battle

Across Latin America and the Caribbean, about 113 million people - nearly one in five - live in slums, where health experts say COVID-19... Read more »

Women with children now spend an average 65 hours a week on the unpaid chores

"We need a major culture shift in our homes and in our companies ... We should use this moment to build a better way... Read more »

At least 3 Rohingyas tested positive for coronavirus in refugee camps in Bangladesh

"With 40,000 people crammed per square kilometre, maintaining social distance is impossible," said Dipankar Datta, Bangladesh country director for the charity Oxfam, adding that... Read more »

Trains resume for Indian migrant workers

"The fact they continue to walk, some dying on the way, is indicative of a lack of trust in what authorities are saying." Read more »

Authorities’ ‘class bias’ hits migrant labourers

Further, it adds, “Receiving states are disowning their own people, making them stateless, treating them like unauthorised refugees and pushing them into untold misery,... Read more »

Experts estimate 6-8 million workers ‘still stranded’

We hear reports that some in business community have advised state governments to keep them within the state for ‘re-starting’ the economy, post-lockdown. While... Read more »

NREGA remained a distant dream, even 14 years after its inception

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s infamous and rather cocky statement on the floor of Parliament in 2015 about NREGA being a monumental failure of the... Read more »

Andhra gas leak “Why was eco-clearance given to LG Polymers?”

“This unit being a highly polluting one and its being close to residential areas, APPCB should not have allowed it to expand its operations.” Read more »

Despite April 2020 circular Chief Labour Commissioner has no data of stranded migrants

The Office of the Chief Labour Commissioner (CLC) under the Union Ministry of Labour and Employment claims, it does not have State-wise and district-wise... Read more »

Private and public sector both, should be “extending philanthropic services in the hour of national crisis” – B. Ramakant, S. Shukla, S. Pandey

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Plans to close New York City’s subways at night, will push homeless “further into the shadows”

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Farmers in Himalayan peaks go for long shelf-life peas

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Corruption amidst COVID-19 crisis adding to the suffering of the poor

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