Finally a policy on publication of war histories

Timely publication of war histories would give people accurate account of the events, provide authentic material for academic research and counter the unfounded rumours.... Read more »
1:42 pm

Act now: end child labour!

The Indian society has, somehow, accepted and tolerated child labour as a social norm. It is only when we as a society adopt a... Read more »
6:30 pm

Why healthcare delivery is a challenge in India? – Dheeraj Sharma

Immediate parallels are drawn with the UK and the USA. In other words, how our systems in India are obtuse and uncaring. They have... Read more »
9:25 pm

How BJP lost the plot in Bengal polls – Saibal Gupta

In a rare electoral setback for the Narendra Modi-Amit Shah combine, the duo failed to crack the sentiments of the people of West Bengal,... Read more »
9:28 pm

CCP’s growing censorship – Is Xi losing the plot? – Binay Kumar Singh

his essay (Mother) however was largely self-censored and had little which could be seen to ‘offend' Xi and his cronies. It certainly did not... Read more »
6:39 pm

Centre’s Covid jab for world spells ‘ouch’ in India! – Quaid Najmi

In a startling revelation under RTI, it has emerged that the country has exported the Covid-19 vaccines to at least 47 countries globally at... Read more »
8:59 pm

Intellectualism or politics by proxy? – D.C. Pathak

The challenge for India is to keep the universities out of politics. Some serious thinking needs to go into this. Socratic spirit of putting... Read more »
8:02 pm

Covid-19 impact: War on costs by hotels – Venkatachari Jagannathan

With revenues going down while costs remained the same post Covid-19, major hospitality players have started looking inward at their costs and resorted to... Read more »
12:30 pm

Rs 100 crore up In Bengal poll air – Subir Bhaumik

At least 90 per cent of this spending can be traced to BJP because their star campaigners like PM Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah,... Read more »
7:18 pm

Indian journalists remember April 2003, the cruelest month for people of Iraq – Saeed Naqvi

Journalists of Worldview India remember April of 2003 for the kind of journalism Indian journalists have never practised before or since. The idea was... Read more »
4:29 pm

Who funds Pak’s purchase of western military equipment – Binay Kumar Singh

"before the pandemic, Pakistan was already burdened by an external debt of about $112 billion. Today it is facing the additional challenge of feeding... Read more »
2:01 pm

India, China disengagement at Ladakh: An unfinished agenda – S B Asthana

In "Two Session" press conference last month, Wang Yi suggested China and India to strengthen cooperation instead of harboring suspicion at each other and... Read more »
6:21 pm

The unfolding tragedy of Tibet – By Lobsang Sangay & Karma Choeying

The gross human violations in Tibet is not a new story and is not hidden from anyone despite the media ban and propagandistic approach... Read more »
5:59 pm

What happened to the boat carrying Rohingya refugees? – Subir Bhaumik

But there is no news from the boat in the last 10 days. The Indian coastguard seem to have snatched the one satellite phone... Read more »
4:39 pm

How farmers balance protests and farming – Ashish Srivastava

"We would rotate three times a month. A batch will replace the previous one so that they can go back to the work. Ten... Read more »
6:06 pm

‘Power yatra’ by Raje now limited to a ‘religious yatra’ – Archana Sharma

BJP sources have confirmed that the much-proposed political yatra of Raje has been limited to religious yatra owing to the recent visit of BJP... Read more »
1:54 pm

Bangladesh, India should solve problems through negotiations – Sumi Khan

"It's a great achievement. The development of Bangladesh is miraculous," he told the Prime Minister, while adding that "the comfort levels of both the... Read more »
1:31 pm

‘Black Wednesday’ in Myanmar stirs global reactions – Subir Bhaumik

UN Envoy on Myanmar Christine Schraner Burgener told mediapersons that 38 protesters were shot dead on Wednesday as security forces defied an international call... Read more »
12:50 pm

Now it’s the turn of the ruling party at the Centre to own up its mistakes – Quaid Najmi

State Congress President Nana Patole, Nationalist Congress Party Spokesperson and Minister Nawab Malik, Shiv Sena leader Kishore Tiwari and Samajwadi Party state President Abu... Read more »
2:05 pm

French move against radicalisation – D.C. Pathak

Without mentioning the word Muslim or Islam, the Act prescribes punishment for anybody who passed on information about a potential target of Islamic radicals,... Read more »
1:19 pm
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