I fear contract-based farming will grow and trap farmers like me in bonded labour!

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1 in 33 people globally – will need humanitarian assistance in 2021

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Story of slavery survivor Ponrajan can’t be ignored

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Several Hindi newspapers demonizing the farmers movement

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152 million reasons to end child labour – Time to take actions!

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Thousands of farmers stage a peaceful protest inside capital

Amid criticism over perceived high-handedness of the police, talks were held with farm leaders that yielded a deal to let the protesters rally peacefully... Read more »

India is a rich country with multitudes of starving and half-fed men, women and children – Vidyarthy Chatterjee

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Why did the government panic when the farmers wanted to reach Delhi?

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India observed ‘communal harmony week’ – Why we have no reason to celebrate

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Men’s violence against women is also a pandemic

Last year, 243 million women and girls experienced sexual or physical violence from their partner. This year, reports of increased domestic violence, cyberbullying, child... Read more »

A teenage trafficking survivor receives highest compensation award

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UPs new law against ‘love jihad’ another conspiracy against Muslims?

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‘Love Jihad’ theory is a very calculated effort to deny individuals their choice to marry

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What cost will Britain’s foreign aid cut have on the world’s poorest?

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Rahul sandwiched in internal power politics of Congress

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G20 leaders wow to help poorest countries in Covid-19 battle and after

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Implementation of FRA in J&K a long-awaited and welcomed move by nomadic tribes

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14-year-old girl comes up with award-winning solution for ironing “wallahs”

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Women and girls hit hardest by Covid-19’s economic impact and famine, as they eat last and least

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Peace activists reach out to women leftist fighters with sanitary items

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