Independent India continuing Colonial legacy to ‘silence’ dissent, criticism

The irony is that Great Britain abolished this undemocratic Act in 2009 with the prophetic words: “Sedition and seditious and defamatory libel are arcane... Read more »
2:21 pm

Marwan Barghouti Holds the Key to Fatah’s Future

Though his mandate expired in January 2009, Abbas continued to ‘lead’ Palestinians. Corruption and nepotism increased significantly during his tenure and, not only did... Read more »
2:06 pm

The pathways ahead for farmers’ movement

considerable scope for the farmers’ movement to make improvements in such a way that it contributes in a more durable way to the improvement... Read more »
1:23 pm

A Tight Race in West Bengal?

Of course, prospects of results being manipulated by faulty Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) cannot be ignored. Nonetheless, Indian democracy is being put to a... Read more »
6:54 pm

Need to resisting increasing corporate domination of farming and food systems

The reality of contract farming should be publicized among farmers , exploitative practices should be exposed and where it is clear that farmers are... Read more »
6:51 pm

India’s ex-Gulf workers forge new futures

In the single biggest reverse migration in more than 50 years, workers from the Gulf have streamed back to the coastal state of Kerala... Read more »
9:51 am

Nuclear Weapons Blazing: Britain Enters the US-China Fray

The report clearly prioritizes the British-American alliance above all others, stating that “The United States will remain the UK’s most important strategic ally and... Read more »
2:36 pm

Touching documentary shows hardship and hope of migrants’ exodus

The film '1232 KMS' - shot last April by director Vinod Kapri - follows a group of seven men travelling home to their villages... Read more »
10:32 am

Ranchi trying new ways to tackle this worsening air quality

"Though there is no law to implement this idea, we are hoping that people will embrace it because it is very doable here. Barring... Read more »
10:25 am

Myanmar army carrying out “mass murder” says UN

Children were among those killed on Saturday, Myanmar's Armed Forces Day, according to news reports and witnesses, in a crackdown that drew renewed Western... Read more »
9:27 am

Why are tribal women in India still robbed of their land rights?

Even statutory rules designed specifically to protect the interests of Scheduled Tribes utterly fail to recognize women as independent individuals and subsume women’s interests... Read more »
9:18 pm

Taking away Govt business from Govt Banks: A deep conspiracy to kill them

The Govt’s attempt may appear trivial to many, but the deep-rooted conspiracy is to kill the public sector Banks by depriving them of not... Read more »
5:46 pm

The Growth Of Fascism Or The Fascism Of Growth?

What undoubtedly corresponds to what happened in the 1920s is the increase in economic inequality. In our case, obscenely exacerbated by the pandemic. Read more »
12:56 pm

Indian ponds spring back to life, generating new jobs

A government think-tank report in 2018, when India suffered what was called the worst water crisis in its history, predicted that at least 40%... Read more »
1:28 pm

Why are tribal women still robbed of their land rights? – Shipra Deo

In Jharkhand, eastern India, women are not entitled to own land and accusations of witchcraft are wielded against them to silence their claims to... Read more »
1:16 pm

Rohingya refugees SOS: “Please help me… Many people may die”

"No one knew of the boat until the engine developed a snag and it drifted near Indian waters," Siddiqui said. "That was when I... Read more »
3:47 pm

CJI Bobde asking rapist to marry victim is “outrageous”, activists call for his resignation

Brinda Adige, a women's and children's rights activist, said she was "furious" over Bobde's suggestion, fearing lower courts might now be more willing to... Read more »
3:32 pm

What has Amazon to do with the ongoing farmer protests?

Meanwhile, in June 2016, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos received a business leadership award from PM Modi at a U.S.-India Business Council event in Washington.... Read more »
12:01 pm

Why big firms fail to ban sex harassment at work

"Some studies have shown one in three women will experience sexual harassment in their lifetime, so it's really important that this is addressed and... Read more »
11:35 am

Time for a new law against so-called honour killings – Saurabh Sharma

Human rights groups say thousands of women and girls are killed across South Asia and the Middle East each year by family members angered... Read more »
11:20 am