One in six married girls aged 15 to 19 face abuse – They are left out of domestic violence data

Child brides being beaten by their husbands will no longer be included in India's biggest survey of domestic violence - potentially hiding the problem... Read more »
8:35 pm

US joins Swedish-Indian global group for climate change

"This Indian-Swedish climate initiative takes the lead in heavy industry transition. It will help us meet the Paris Agreement goals, strengthen competitiveness and create... Read more »
2:56 am

The Imperialist War in Yemen

UNSC Resolution 2216 of April 2015, which established an arms embargo, demanded Houthi withdrawal from the cities and the handover of their weapons, allowed... Read more »
4:18 pm

Five Coronavirus vaccine stories, from London to Mumbai

But securing a dose in the first place, and getting in front of a nurse with a needle and a freezer full of vaccines,... Read more »
6:12 pm

The poor are bearing the brunt of “pandemic policing”

Hawkers, slum dwellers, food couriers and migrant workers are most likely to fall foul of lockdown rules - from fines for failing to wear... Read more »
3:06 pm

Central govt should fight Covid-19 and not ignore farmers, migrants like in 1st wave

He said that the government should make every effort to protect the health and social security of migrant labourers. Similarly, if the central government... Read more »
8:13 pm

Was the 2nd Covid-19 wave surprising or we allowed it to happen?

Meanwhile, coronavirus is here to stay for some time. We don’t know when it will end but the crisis has exposed the hollowness of... Read more »
7:55 pm

‘Solar Man’ lights path out of poverty

Santipada Gon Chaudhuri pioneered solar power after visiting a Himalayan village in the 1980s, and his work has propelled India's push for clean energy... Read more »
7:39 pm

Fire destroys tents of protesting farmers at Singhu and Ghazipur borders

According to Ghazipur Committee member Baljinder Singh Mann, farmer volunteers were prepared for such incidents following reports of fire at the Singhu border. People... Read more »
1:44 pm

Suffering and killing in Yemen sees no end

War profiteers are least concerned about what happens in Yemen as long as they are able to sell a full range of arms that... Read more »
1:37 pm

Agitating farmers continue protest despite concerns over coronavirus

"We have religiously followed coronavirus guidelines, and we have drawn up plans to stay put until at least November and December, or even beyond... Read more »
1:26 pm

Independent India continuing Colonial legacy to ‘silence’ dissent, criticism

The irony is that Great Britain abolished this undemocratic Act in 2009 with the prophetic words: “Sedition and seditious and defamatory libel are arcane... Read more »
2:21 pm

The pathways ahead for farmers’ movement

considerable scope for the farmers’ movement to make improvements in such a way that it contributes in a more durable way to the improvement... Read more »
1:23 pm

A Tight Race in West Bengal?

Of course, prospects of results being manipulated by faulty Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) cannot be ignored. Nonetheless, Indian democracy is being put to a... Read more »
6:54 pm

Need to resisting increasing corporate domination of farming and food systems

The reality of contract farming should be publicized among farmers , exploitative practices should be exposed and where it is clear that farmers are... Read more »
6:51 pm

Nuclear Weapons Blazing: Britain Enters the US-China Fray

The report clearly prioritizes the British-American alliance above all others, stating that “The United States will remain the UK’s most important strategic ally and... Read more »
2:36 pm

Touching documentary shows hardship and hope of migrants’ exodus

The film '1232 KMS' - shot last April by director Vinod Kapri - follows a group of seven men travelling home to their villages... Read more »
10:32 am

Ranchi trying new ways to tackle this worsening air quality

"Though there is no law to implement this idea, we are hoping that people will embrace it because it is very doable here. Barring... Read more »
10:25 am

Myanmar army carrying out “mass murder” says UN

Children were among those killed on Saturday, Myanmar's Armed Forces Day, according to news reports and witnesses, in a crackdown that drew renewed Western... Read more »
9:27 am

Taking away Govt business from Govt Banks: A deep conspiracy to kill them

The Govt’s attempt may appear trivial to many, but the deep-rooted conspiracy is to kill the public sector Banks by depriving them of not... Read more »
5:46 pm
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