Surveys on migrant laborers before formulating policy

The DG said that the strategy for the five surveys was prepared after 46 meetings of the expert committee. Read more »
11:13 am

How a ‘legit’ use of social media transformed a farmer woman lives – Siddharta Swarup

Introducing a woman farmer, a house-help, a young student or a village level entrepreneur to relevant, legit use cases on the internet can transform... Read more »
1:41 pm

BJP’s desperation to win Kanyakumari: Promise to make Radhakrishnan Union minister if elected…

Congress camp is of the opinion that the anti-people policies of the Narendra Modi Government, especially the spiraling fuel prices will be a deciding... Read more »
7:35 pm

Pakistan asks India not to shy away from negotiations on J&K issue

"I didn't succeed but I am optimistic that eventually sense will prevail. The only way the subcontinent can tackle poverty is by improving trade... Read more »
4:33 pm

Would Azad hold key to future political power in J&K? – Sheikh Qayoom

For more than 45 years, Azad and the Congress party have been the two faces of the same coin in J&K. A Congress worker... Read more »
12:59 pm

Target Net Zero by 2050 – Asad Mirza

Since the start of 2021, Gates had been trying to focus everyone's attention on the greatest challenge to the humankind i.e. climate change in... Read more »
2:51 pm

Cricket technology could end up in a mess – Yajurvindra Singh

Sport has gained enormously from it, not only for the sportsmen but also for the millions of fans and well wishers following it. Cricket... Read more »
12:21 pm

NCB to be ‘redesigned’ to tackle drug trafficking effectively – Rajnish Singh

"The proposal aims at redesigning the governance architecture of the NCB, its capacity of investigation and intelligence and making it more professional and effective,"... Read more »
7:57 pm

Students’ wing of Congress ask Sonia to appoint its leaders with organisational background – Anand Singh

The letter was written by the office-bearers of the National Students' Union of India (NSUI) after its general body meeting on February 1, signed... Read more »
7:58 pm

Trump’s lawyers lay out attack plan for impeachment trial

In a 78-page memo, Donald Trump's lawyers have outlined the broad brushstrokes of their legal strategy. They plan to argue that Trump's "If you... Read more »
7:51 pm

Farmer’s ‘Chakka jam’ keeps Delhi Police on their toes – Zafar Abbas

Despite the agitating farmers assurance that the proposed 'chakka jam' would not be implemented in Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Delhi, the Delhi Police as... Read more »
11:51 am

Changes introduced by Budget 2020 which require clarity in Budget 2021 – Vikas Vasal

With the Finance Minister promising a "Budget like never before" one hopes that these issues which have troubled the taxpayers for past one year... Read more »
5:43 pm

India need to keep their guard up – Yajurvindra Singh

Victory such as this before the next series is something a team has to be wary of as the expectations from their well-wishers seem... Read more »
5:27 pm

India at 72 – Asad Mirza

At present we are standing at a crossroads, where a vast multitude of Indian citizens are wondering about their legal standing and the future,... Read more »
4:17 pm

What is BJP’s strategy behind celebrating Bose’s birth anniversary? – Navneet Mishra

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee says that the BJP has only become a 'devotee of Netaji' as the election draws near. The political battle in... Read more »
6:59 pm

Make or break moment for Indians in US Green Card queue as stimulus bill nears closure – Nikhila Natarajan

The overall pie does not get bigger, though. At the same time, legal Indian immigrants have never been closer to smashing through what some... Read more »
6:45 pm

BJP and Congress come face to face over farm laws in MP – Sandeep Pauranik

Regarding the political slugfest between the BJP and the Congress over the farmers in the state, political analysts believe that there is a large... Read more »
5:44 pm

At age of 80, Pawar’s enthusiasm for the people of Maharashtra has not waned – Quaid Najmi

With over 55 years of political experience under his belt, he has not lost a single Assembly or Lok Sabha election since 1967, became... Read more »
2:43 pm

Three farms laws are the only deadlock on which Govt and agitating farmers are stuck – Rajnish Singh

"When the meeting with the Home Minister took place, there was lots of uproar in the media. There is no difference of opinion within... Read more »
9:51 am

Farmers show collective determination, unity and peaceful spirit

"This is not first-of-its-kind protest of our solidarity. We have a long history to run the agitations that lasts for months. We have more... Read more »
10:05 pm