Indian women still feel IT, tech jobs belong to men

7/03/21 2:45 PM
Having more females working within the industry could set an example and reassure others around certain fears associated with gender inequality

Bihar CM “Verdict in Gopalganj hooch tragedy lesson for law-breakers”

6/03/21 6:59 PM

DMK hopes for minority votes, but Owaisi may spoil the party

6/03/21 6:55 PM

Dinesh Trivedi joins BJP

6/03/21 6:51 PM

Elderly protesting farmers brave scorching heat

6/03/21 4:22 PM

Covid survivors may suffer cognitive complications

6/03/21 1:35 PM
These conditions affect people's capacity to work effectively, drive, manage finances, make informed decisions and participate in daily family activities

Protesting farmers make political strategies for future

5/03/21 12:29 PM

US engagement with India a “global comprehensive strategic partnership”

4/03/21 12:23 PM

BJP attempts communalization over cross, police show it the door

3/03/21 5:43 PM

AAP looking to be the main opposition in Gujarat

3/03/21 1:56 PM

Mithun Chakraborty joins BJP

Kolkata has been virtually covered with a tight security blanket by the city police and security agencies coming from the Centre
7/03/21 2:42 PM

Can Kerala BJP deliver on its pep talk?

6/03/21 8:54 PM

Karnataka sex scandal bigger than it first seemed? Now 6 ministers approach court to restrain media from publishing further expose…

6/03/21 8:41 PM

Battle Royale: It’s Mamata Vs Suvendu

6/03/21 8:26 PM

Another TMC turncoat jumps ship – Dinesh Trivedi

6/03/21 4:50 PM

Rohingya refugees SOS: “Please help me… Many people may die”

"No one knew of the boat until the engine developed a snag and it drifted near Indian waters," Siddiqui said. "That was when I...
6/03/21 3:47 PM

Journalist’s shady rags-to-riches success story

5/03/21 9:59 PM

Maha farm panel proposes ’10-point’ agenda to end farmers’ suicides

5/03/21 3:07 PM

Why big firms fail to ban sex harassment at work

5/03/21 11:35 AM

How homes in Kerala turn into mini solar power stations

4/03/21 11:32 AM

Youngsters on bench keep India alive and kicking

Rahul, inducted into the Test squad after the second Test and also capable of batting in the middle-order, was reduced to being almost a...
6/03/21 7:08 PM

Batting success rubbed off on wicket-keeping: Pant

6/03/21 7:06 PM

India thrash England in 4th Test, win series; enter WTC final

6/03/21 5:03 PM

England reach 100 for loss six wickets soon after tea

6/03/21 3:57 PM

Decision on lone Pak shooter for Delhi WC likely today

5/03/21 1:14 PM

Large-scale hacking of US organizations by Chinese

6/03/21 1:40 PM
This was the eighth time in the past 12 months that Microsoft has publicly disclosed nation-state groups targeting institutions critical to civil society.

This is what Indian women do on Twitter 24/7

5/03/21 12:51 PM

Google says won’t track users as they browse web

4/03/21 12:30 PM

How Apple makes sure your hearing is not impacted

3/03/21 1:16 PM

AI reveals current drugs that may help combat Alzheimer’s

7/03/21 2:57 PM
The approach also allowed the researchers to identify drugs that had protective as well as damaging effects on brain cells.

Vision impairment linked to mortality

6/03/21 7:03 PM

Smoking cessation drug may treat Parkinson’s in women

5/03/21 1:01 PM

Clinical studies find mustard oil may be best for your heart

4/03/21 12:42 PM

Victims of apathy, camel numbers dwindling in Rajasthan

6/03/21 7:01 PM
Hanwant Singh Rathore, director of Lokhit Pashu Palak Sansthan, told IANS: "If the government does not do anything in the next five years, camels...

Why solving Bundelkhand’s water crisis is an annual mirage

5/03/21 12:55 PM

Mass movements still occurring in Uttarakhand

4/03/21 12:44 PM

How homes in Kerala turn into mini solar power stations

4/03/21 11:32 AM