Petrol Prices Cut For 5th Straight Day. Check Fuel Prices Here

Prices of petrol and diesel vary from state-to-state depending on local sales tax or VAT.

Petrol prices were revised marginally lower for the fifth consecutive day, on Sunday. The prices fell around nine paise in the four metro cities. In Delhi, petrol was sold for Rs. 78.11 per litre, down from Rs. 78.20 on Saturday, according to Indian Oil Corp’s website. In Mumbai and Kolkata, petrol prices were at Rs. 85.92 and Rs. 80.75 a litre respectively, down nine paise from Saturday’s levels. Wheareas, in Chennai, petrol price fell by ten paise to Rs. 81.09 per litre.

However, the prices of diesel were unchanged on Sunday. In Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai, the fuel was sold for Rs. 69.11, Rs. 71.66, Rs. 73.58 and Rs. 72.97 per litre. On Saturday, prices of petrol and diesel were slashed by around nine paise in the four metro cities.

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