2018 | Year of the Lynch Mob?

By Oliver Dsouza: There are a few months left in the year 2018. Even if in the rest of the year no more incidents of lynching are reported, this year could very... Read more »

State of Indian economy: Is it time to go bearish? (Explained with Charts)

By Nikhil Arora Less than a year to the general election is a tricky time for setting a stable economic narrative. The government will glorify its achievements. The opposition will skew comparisons... Read more »

Midwifing change: How maternity deaths were reduced to zero in remote tribal hamlets

The scenic beauty of Araku Valley in Andhra Pradesh is in stark contrast to the lives of indigenous tribespeople inhabiting the region. Living in virtual destitution, these tribals — like their counterparts... Read more »

Kerala floods: The ghost of past environment policy returns

By Haritha John Kerala has been facing unusually high rainfall since early August, which has led to statewide floods taking several lives and causing severe damage. According to the government, there hasnt... Read more »

Books break barriers as Indo-Pak cultural exchanges diminish

By Saket Suman At a time when diplomatic exchanges between India and Pakistan are at a standstill and cultural initiatives across the border have taken a backseat, the literary space has become... Read more »

Mishandling Kashmir: Learning little from history

By: Admiral Arun Prakash (Retd) Independent India and I are both septuagenarians, but since I am a trifle older, I take the liberty of indulging in some reminiscences on the nation’s 71st... Read more »

I-Day musing: Does not the law and its protecton apply to all?

By: C. Uday Bhaskar August 15 this year marks the 71st anniversary of Indian independence. As the Prime Minister unfurls the national flag at the Red Fort, it is a celebratory moment;... Read more »

Angels of hope: They make the poor and helpless aware of their rights

By Mudita Girotra¬†When Rambabu, a 27-year-old who worked in a ration shop in Patna, got to know he was suffering from brain tumor, he was devastated. But his nightmare was compounded when... Read more »

Will the Dravidian movement be diluted with M. Karunanidhi’s death?

By Amulya Ganguli There is little doubt that in the wake of M. Karunanidhis death, Tamil Nadu will enter an uncertain, even rocky, phase. It may take some time for the sense... Read more »

Civic education can enhance democracy in India

By Frank F. Islam As India approaches Independence Day on August 15, it is an appropriate time to celebrate the past and Indian democracy. It is also a time to contemplate the... Read more »