Indian infrastructure: Time to refocus on the basics

IANS With 2019 underway, it would serve us well to look at some of the most pressing needs of Indian infrastructure. Trends in global capital markets and the needs of Indian infrastructure... Read more »

India Has 10m Working Children, But Budget 2019 Has Slashed Outlay For Key Rehabilitation Project By 17%

By Shreehari Paliath Children constitute nearly 40% of India’s population, yet the funds allocated for their education, development, health and protection remained almost constant, the analysis noted. The largest chunk (68%) went towards education, followed... Read more »

Oral history of people’s struggle for Narmada river reflects conflict in nation building, development

Feb 07, One of the earliest resistances by the people of the Narmada valley against the Sardar Sarovar Project (SSP), a gigantic dam on the River Narmada in western India was way... Read more »

Non-lethal injuries? Pellet guns have led to major public health crisis in Kashmir

By Jitamanyu Sahoo Feb 06, At a first glance, their scars will appear as pitted marks. Their eyes padded and bruised. Some of the eyes are closed as they are scared of... Read more »

2019 polls very competitive, too close to call: Ruchir Sharma

(IANS) The popularity graph of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has fallen drastically and what seemed a year ago as another wrestling match “with only one boxer in the ring” now seems a Lok... Read more »

Today the basic question is not just of freedom of speech, but also freedom after speech

By Sanjay Parikh Feb 05, Freedom of speech and expression is the most fundamental and most precious among all other human rights, on realization of which alone the other rights become meaningful.... Read more »

Is Rahul Gandhi winning the social media war?

Often mocked as the “Pappu” of the Indian politics, Congress President Rahul Gandhi is trying hard to do an image makeover and emerge as a witty leader through his sarcasm-filled tweets for... Read more »

To clean Goa beaches, this ‘waste-bar’ exchanges cigarette butts, used straws for beer

Source (IANS) You could be fined Rs 2,000 for drinking beer on a Goa beach, but thanks to an innovative green initiative, 10 beer bottle caps or 20 used cigarette butts can... Read more »

Economic Implications of Restrictions on Cow Slaughter

Source: Feb 01 India’s livestock economy is among the biggest in the world. A ban on cow slaughter would either result in more and more unproductive animals being killed in most... Read more »

Sabarimala: If Preamble is followed strictly, the State should not intervene in any religious situation

Source: -by Gajanan Khergamker* The September 2018 Supreme Court verdict upholding the rights of women of all ages to enter Sabarimala Temple has stirred a hornet’s nest. Ever since, the Sabarimala... Read more »

This Bengal teacher collects, cooks food to feed the impoverished

-By Milinda Ghosh Roy While the habit of wasting food at festivities, parties or even at household dinners has become an increasingly callous trend in urban living, a computer science teacher from... Read more »

Can Priyanka match Modi’s oratory? Scales more evenly balanced

-By Amulya Ganguli Is Priyanka Vadra the brahmastra (the ultimate weapon) of Rahul Gandhi directed only at the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) or is one of the Congress president’s targets also the... Read more »