A library run by industrial workers means world of change for children

At first look, it is just another small room with one wall almost crumbling. But this 25-square yard space means the world for children of factory workers and labourers in Punjab’s industrial... Read more »

Whether #MeToo stays or fizzles out, people will be wary: Neena Gupta

The most substantial impact of the #MeToo movement, which took off in India following actress Tanushree Dutta’s sexual harassment allegations against actor Nana Patekar, is that people now will be wary of... Read more »

From pain and penury to pinnacle of success: The winning tale of gritty Swapna Barman

Until that evening in Jakarta when the country celebrated her success with much fanfare, everything about heptathlete Swapna Barman spelt hardship. From extreme poverty to physical deformity of the kind that threatened... Read more »

India needs a world-class higher educational system

By Frank F. Islam India has the third-largest higher educational system in the world. In 2016, there were 799 universities and 39,071 colleges spread across the country. These numbers are staggering. The... Read more »

Nehru should be understood in the context of his times, not ours

By Amit Kapoor It would hardly be an exaggeration to say that history is a living reality in Indian society. Every day millions across the country begin their day with Bronze age... Read more »

Violence is permeating into key areas of Indian society, as is evident from authorities’ actions and attitudes

By Fr Cedric Prakash We live in violent times! Society today is becoming more and more violent. This violence is augmented by the fact that those who are in power bless this... Read more »

What a woman! She battled personal odds to become crusader against child marriages

Her struggle for survival began even before she was born. Her own family members wanted to kill her in her mother’s womb after her father abandoned them. Rajasthan-based Kriti Bharti had been... Read more »

The cause and ripple effect of the IL&FS fiasco on the market

By Rahul Agarwal Some organisations carry systemic importance for the entire financial industry. Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services (IL&FS) is one such, the Indian equivalent of Lehman Brothers — and the world... Read more »

2002 Gujarat riots: Despite request to CM Modi, Army lost a crucial day waiting for vehicles, says Lt. General

By Saket Suman: On the intervening night of February 28 and March 1, 2002 when Gujarat was engulfed in flames, Lt. Gen Zameer Uddin Shah, met the then Chief Minister Narendra Modi,... Read more »

India’s judiciousness has paid off in Maldives

By Ashok Sajjanhar Not surprisingly, India was the first country to congratulate Maldives on the results of the September 23 presidential election. A statement by the Ministry of External Affairs welcoming the... Read more »