Domestic violence cases have increased during lockdown

“There have been different kinds of complaints related to the domestic violence, in which husbands are abusing them (women) and calling them COVID-19,” NCW... Read more »

Corona cases to reach 1mn in next few days, toll to hit 50,000

Noting a near-exponential growth of new COVID-19 cases over the past five weeks around the world, Tedros said the death toll has more than... Read more »

85% path-labs down shutters in India lock-down

“Since lockdown, almost 85 per cent of the path-labs remain closed for various reasons. Primarily, the lab staff cannot commute to work, patients are... Read more »

Fear of losing dedicated readers? Newspapers struggle to survive lockdown

Managements of “The Times of India”, “The Indian Express”, “The Hindu”, “Hindustan Times”, “Mid-Day” etc. made it clear that even though no physical editions... Read more »

Inadequate transport, atrocities, rumors fuel reverse migration in UP

“We were beaten and then made to lie prostrate on the ground. When we showed our ID cards to the cops, we were allowed... Read more »

‘The Great Escape’ by 225 migrants in containers from Telangana to Rajasthan

Sneaking out on foot in small batches from Hyderabad outskirts to avoid the police’s eagle eyes, on Wednesday (March 25) at 6 p.m., they... Read more »

Urban working professionals hit hard by India lockdown

Baby Boomers (born between 1944 and 1964) were more likely to feel the effect of COVID-19 disease on their business compared to the other... Read more »

J&K 2020 budget has betrayed displaced Kashmiri Pandits

“Almost six years have passed since the Modi-led government came to power, but no proposal has been made for the return and rehabilitation of... Read more »

Citizenship row: Over 1100 women sign letter asking 29 CMs to delink NPR

The signatories of the letter, who include activists, writers, academics, lawyers, doctors, farmers, professionals, anganwadi workers and from other walks of life, belonging to... Read more »

Social stigma forcing corona patients to avoid screening in India

“One of the major fears that imbibe various suspected patients to skip screening is that they are termed as people spreading the virus’, which... Read more »

Gujarat spending on education ‘fails to improve’ vis-à-vis other states

  The share of education expenditure in GSDP is quite disappointing in Gujarat. It has been between 1% and 2% during 2016-17 and 2019-20.... Read more »

Report on UP violence and its aftermath: “Everyone has been Silenced”

  The report by Citizens Against Hate (CAH), gives detailed account of alleged episodes of police excess, destruction of property and targeted violence in... Read more »

Without pluralism and individual rights, democracy cannot long survive

Three actions have shaken the rule of law in India and threatened the secular and inclusive nature of its political system. They also caused... Read more »

Delhi Police internal report on riots nails Mishra, Azad

The police have detailed how BJP leader Kapil Mishra sent text messages to his followers and Bhim Army Chief Chandrashekhar Azad mobilized people from... Read more »

Delhi violence: Students spearhead peace initiative

While the opposition and the government were busy in political recriminations both inside and outside Parliament, Delhi students were setting an example for others... Read more »

‘More girls getting educated but little progress made in reducing violence’

Violence against women and girls was still common. In 2016, for example, women and girls accounted for 70 per cent of detected trafficking victims... Read more »

Walking with the children on child safety

It is difficult to talk to children on abuse. Trust must be built first, and trust is built slowly, through a series of conversations,... Read more »

After capitulation & covid-19 effect, expect recovery in week ahead

It’s not just coronavirus, which hit the sentiment, but also the fear of disruption in the supply chain as virus impact, which is alarming... Read more »

Women panchayat leaders today aren’t just mouthpieces for their politically-savvy husbands

  Women face a host of difficulties handling political power: Cultural norms, social hierarchies and patriarchal practices — which together tend to favor and... Read more »

Delhi violence: Police conducting raids to arrest rioters

By Sanjiv Kumar Singh Chauhan New Delhi, Feb 27 (IANS) A day after the Delhi High Court talked tough on alleged inaction of security... Read more »