ICC on an imperialistic path to a royal battle

By Yajurvindra Singh  The word ‘imperial’ has that touch of legacy that one associates so strongly with the British empire of yore. The game of cricket was the domain of that empire... Read more »

‘Closing the door on physical India has awakened India of imagination’

By Sukant Deepak New Delhi, Feb 16 (IANS) The reason writer Aatish Taseer signed up for the recently aired Al Jazeera documentary series “In Search of India’s Soul” was because the producer... Read more »

Mind & behavioral coaching a must for Indian cricket

By Yajurvindra Singh This week had three significant moments with regard to Indian cricket. The senior Indian team, having demolished New Zealand in the five-match T20I series were brought down to earth,... Read more »

Failure of Gujarat ‘model’? Why hawking hatred for poll gains didn’t succeed in Delhi

Source: Sabrangindia.in By RK Misra History repeats itself — first as a mistake, second time as stupidity and thereafter as a tragedy — invariably with lethal costs. It began in 2002 as... Read more »

Defeated but not yet purged, communal politics of the BJP

Source: Sabrangindia.in By Vidya Bhushan Rawat The Delhi results are out. Aam Admi Party i.e AAP has won decisively and with a massive mandate, again. This is unique and remarkable: for a... Read more »

Why BJP failed to breach Kejriwal’s bastion

By Nisheeth Sharan  It is universally acknowledged that incumbent governments are in campaign mode all through their tenure, while the opposition gets its act together closer to the hustings. I use this... Read more »

From The Roots To Statelessness : Are “We, the People of India”?

Source: Countercurrents.org By Dr Madabhushi Sridhar In the 70-year Republic, the public of India are burdened to prove their citizenship under NRC rules, prove place and birth of their parents under NPR,... Read more »

Resetting of India-Sri Lanka ties

BY SHUBHA SINGH  Sri Lankan Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapakse’s state visit to India takes place just over two months after his newly-elected brother, President Gotabaya Rajapaksa visited New Delhi, a visit that... Read more »

Building credit institutions of tomorrow

BY TAPONEEL MUKHERJEE  Given India’s need for infrastructure expansion and the infrastructure financing gap, attention needs to turn from the overall macroeconomic view on sectors and funding towards the microstructure of the... Read more »

Shootout at Jamia an aberration: Movement much bigger

BY SAEED NAQVI “Haqeeqat-e-Abadi” or the eternal truth of the nationwide protests will only be energized by the “Police Zindabad” shouting country pistol shooter who fired into a protest outside Jamia Millia... Read more »

Coronavirus: Is India ready to tackle the situation?

By VEDANK SINGH  So the Wuhan coronavirus has now spread to all 31 regions of China with around 7,800 confirmed cases till Thursday. There are 17 more countries where at least one... Read more »

Why disparage nationalism?

BY D.C. PATHAK The anti-CAA agitation, strengthened by the political opposition to the proposed NRC project, is built around the narrative that the Modi regime intended to widen its Hindu support base... Read more »

New idea of India: Secularism of common aspirations takes shape

BY SAEED NAQVI  ‘Majrooh uthi hai mauje saba Aasaar liye toofanon ke Har qatra-e-shabnam bun jaaye Ek mauj-e-rawan, kuchh door naheen’ (The morning breeze is deceptive; it is actually a storm in... Read more »

RSS-BJP Rulers Love Persecuted Christians In Pak-Bangladesh-Afg But Indian Christians Continue Losing Their Rights

Source: Countercurrents.org By Shamsul Islam No ruling elite on this earth can beat Hindutva rulers of India in hypocrisy and demagogue. Under the CAA (2019) the persecuted Christians in the neighbouring countries... Read more »

Students As Torch Bearers

Source: Countercurrents.org By Kabir Deb We live in times when students act as torch bearers while the senior citizens act like idiots, cowards and opportunists. A country or society is shaped by... Read more »

J&K continues to be haunted, as parts of India ‘degenerate’ into quasi-Kashmir situation

Source: Counterview.net By Rajendran Narayanan, Sandeep Pandey “Jab har saans mein bandook dikhe toh baccha kaise bekhauf rahe?” (How can a child be fearless when she sees a gun in every breath?)... Read more »

Repression on anti-CAA, NRC protesters: Are ‘notable’ figures silent? Not any more

Source: Counterview.net By Rajiv Shah In an amusing opinion piece in “Washington Post” (WP), former “Tehelka” journalist Rana Ayyub  – whose book on Gujarat riots, “Gujarat Files: Anatomy of a Cover Up”,... Read more »

How secure will India be in 2020?

BY Maj Gen (RETD) S.B. ASTHANA (10:06)  National Security has a wide span and needs to cover much wider period for any meaningful analysis, but to be realistic about current security dynamics of... Read more »

Ramping up corporate growth

BY TAPONEEL MUKHERJEE The need for private investment by the corporate sector to provide impetus to the economy is of great interest and debate in India, given the clamour for significantly more... Read more »

Soleimani’s killing: It is building up to a terrible crescendo in West Asia

BY SAEED NAQVI  The assassination of Major General Qassem Soleimani by US airstrikes in Iraq, brings West Asia nearer the precipice. By this action, President Trump, who cannot get out of Afghanistan,... Read more »