A world in perpetual change – Is COVID-19 the worst?

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Modi’s kneejerk decision may kill ‘more people’ than coronavirus

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Fighting it with common sense

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Idea of India: Two former ambassadors skirmish on Shaheen Bagh

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Markets have bottomed but aftershocks to continue

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Why rapes will not stop in India despite the forthcoming four hangings

Forty per cent of girl-children, twenty-five per cent of boy-children are sexually abused in India, half at home or by adults whom they trust.... Read more »

The greatest movement since independence but what’s Shaheen Bagh’s future?

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Win or lose, Saurashtra cricket has class & pedigree

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Why soft Hindutva, ‘opportunistic’ electoral alliance can’t replace Hindutva fascism

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India have fire power to win Christchurch Test

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Trump in Ahmedabad: Did Modi display servile colonial mindset towards gora sahib?

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Kejriwal’s hands tied, Delhi Police under Home Ministry? No one muzzled his mouth

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Trump’s visit takes India forward

By D.C. Pathak   Never has a US President — as the leader of the oldest democracy — showered such unadulterated praise and heartfelt appreciation... Read more »

ICC on an imperialistic path to a royal battle

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‘Closing the door on physical India has awakened India of imagination’

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Mind & behavioral coaching a must for Indian cricket

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Failure of Gujarat ‘model’? Why hawking hatred for poll gains didn’t succeed in Delhi

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Defeated but not yet purged, communal politics of the BJP

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Why BJP failed to breach Kejriwal’s bastion

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From The Roots To Statelessness : Are “We, the People of India”?

  Source: Countercurrents.org By Dr Madabhushi Sridhar In the 70-year Republic, the public of India are burdened to prove their citizenship under NRC rules,... Read more »