RSS-BJP Rulers Love Persecuted Christians In Pak-Bangladesh-Afg But Indian Christians Continue Losing Their Rights

Source: By Shamsul Islam No ruling elite on this earth can beat Hindutva rulers of India in hypocrisy and demagogue. Under the CAA (2019) the persecuted Christians in the neighbouring countries... Read more »

Students As Torch Bearers

Source: By Kabir Deb We live in times when students act as torch bearers while the senior citizens act like idiots, cowards and opportunists. A country or society is shaped by... Read more »

J&K continues to be haunted, as parts of India ‘degenerate’ into quasi-Kashmir situation

Source: By Rajendran Narayanan, Sandeep Pandey “Jab har saans mein bandook dikhe toh baccha kaise bekhauf rahe?” (How can a child be fearless when she sees a gun in every breath?)... Read more »

Repression on anti-CAA, NRC protesters: Are ‘notable’ figures silent? Not any more

Source: By Rajiv Shah In an amusing opinion piece in “Washington Post” (WP), former “Tehelka” journalist Rana Ayyub  – whose book on Gujarat riots, “Gujarat Files: Anatomy of a Cover Up”,... Read more »

How secure will India be in 2020?

BY Maj Gen (RETD) S.B. ASTHANA (10:06)  National Security has a wide span and needs to cover much wider period for any meaningful analysis, but to be realistic about current security dynamics of... Read more »

Ramping up corporate growth

BY TAPONEEL MUKHERJEE The need for private investment by the corporate sector to provide impetus to the economy is of great interest and debate in India, given the clamour for significantly more... Read more »

Soleimani’s killing: It is building up to a terrible crescendo in West Asia

BY SAEED NAQVI  The assassination of Major General Qassem Soleimani by US airstrikes in Iraq, brings West Asia nearer the precipice. By this action, President Trump, who cannot get out of Afghanistan,... Read more »

Demolishing Human Rights in India

Source: By Fr Cedric Prakash SJ This past year from December 2018, had two significant 70th anniversaries: first, of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (10 December 1948) and then, of... Read more »

Hyderabad encounter a ‘ploy’ to shut down demand for accountability from police

Source: The All-India Progressive Women’s Association (AIPWA), in a statement signed by Rati Rao, AIPWA president, Meena Tiwari, general secretary, and Kavita Krishnan, secretary, has said that the Hyderabad fake encounter... Read more »

Why a demand for free education is at the heart of feminism?!

Source: By Pooja Kalita I often remember the female protagonist of the novel – Milkman by Anna Burns (Man Booker Prize for Fiction 2018). She was sexually harassed by a man... Read more »

Ex-World Bank chief economist doubts spurt in India’s ease of doing business rank

By Rajiv Shah This is in continuation of my previous blog where I had quoted from a commentary which top economist Prof Kaushik Basu had written in the New York Times (NYT)... Read more »

India is not quite yet a Hindu Rashtra: 70th Constitution Day

Source: By Dr. Aurobindo Ghose In January 2018, four top Supreme Court Judges in a surprise move, held a press conference declaring that ” Democracy is at stake, and we have... Read more »

Will Taj Mahal meet the same fate as Babri Masjid?

Source: One of the greatest wonders of the World and the only one in India, Taj Mahal, has become the newest target of the Hindutva killer/demolition squad. It was ordered to... Read more »

Sabarimala: Male devotee nurturing unholy thoughts is ‘unfit’ to visit Lord Ayyappa shrine

Source: By RB Sreekumar, IPS (Retd) The Supreme Court last week, by 3:2 majority, decided to keep the review petitions in Sabarimala matter pending until a larger bench determines questions related... Read more »

As fear ‘grips’ right liberals, Arvind Panagariya, too, would be declared anti-national?

Source: By Rajiv Shah It is surely well-known by now that India’s top people in the power-that-be have been castigating all those who disagree with them as “anti-nationals”. Nothing unusual. If... Read more »

The Plight Of The ‘Nowhere People’

Source: Imprisoned by barbed wire, lacking basic amenities and rights, people trapped within the enclaves along the India-Bangladesh border lead wretched lives, writes filmmaker Aparna Sen She is in labour. Her... Read more »

Giving blood to save human lives is my response to the repression of Indian state

Source: This past Saturday, November 9 was one of those gloomy days that brought together the Sikhs and Muslims to jointly grieve the highhandedness of the Indian establishment. By Gurpreet Singh... Read more »

SC Verdict on Ayodhya: My Conscience Does Not Allow Me to Celebrate It

Source: By Abhay Kumar What if the Ram temple were demolished on December 6, 1992 instead of the Babri mosque in Ayodhya? Do you think the Supreme Court judgment would have... Read more »

Babri Masjid Verdict: My House Demolished, I Go To Court, Court Awards The Land To The Demolisher, Is This Justice?

Source: By Binu Mathew Someone demolished my house. I went to court to get justice. The court ordered that the demolisher can build house in the place where my house stood.... Read more »

India’s soft underbelly: The informal economy

BY HIMANSHU MANGLIK   The economic slowdown is worrying. They say it is a global and cyclical phenomenon, and that things will improve in due course. Perhaps. Yet, we need to worry because... Read more »