The Rise And The Fall Of Dalit Journalism In India

The rise of Dalit journalism is seen since 1920s as mainstream media refused to speak about the struggles of the oppressed. Even after almost... Read more »

Now, Covid-19 cases roost in Mumbai’s Dharavi slum

“It is this congestion that makes Dharavi most vulnerable in pandemics like Covid-19. The norms of ‘social distancing’ don’t exist in a place where... Read more »

In Jharkhand, hot meals on wheels for lockdown affected

“This initiative has been taken with the aim of providing hot food to the elderly, infirm and very poor families of the district. Through... Read more »

Social distancing, isolation key to contain COVID-19 local transmission

The moment, the therapeutic strategies to deal with COVID-19 infection are only supportive, and prevention aimed at reducing transmission in the community is our... Read more »

Modi’s kneejerk decision may kill ‘more people’ than coronavirus

Source: By Chandra Vikash Discerning through the global information on coronavirus Pandemic, it turns out that what I had thought around March 10... Read more »

Labourers lug belongings, trudge back home 700 km away

Much like this group of 20 labourers, thousands of migrant labourers can be seen marching on foot, trying to reach their homes in Uttar... Read more »

Marriages take a beating, many in trouble

Incidentally, a glance through any of the frontline vernacular dailies, which have thinned down with no advertisements, there are numerous notices that come in... Read more »

Lockdown to bring in behavioral change in people

“The most common emotional and behavioral reaction at this time will be anxiety and panic about worst possible outcomes.” By Sfoorti Mishra New Delhi,... Read more »

Peace, normalcy? People’s tribunal on Delhi riots questions role of Amit Shah and cops

Testimonies from both communities show that they were living in harmony and had no communal tensions, however, the eruption of violence has been triggered... Read more »

Idea of India: Two former ambassadors skirmish on Shaheen Bagh

The Mukharji-Sibal exchange is a summing up of the epic debate which has the nation in thrall. Since both are eloquent on their respective... Read more »

Delhi riots: Seeking to ‘criminalize’ women protesters

  Noting that “Hindu families who lost homes and properties are struggling to come to terms with this nightmare as well”, the statement further... Read more »

Rani Laxmi Bai, Tatya Tope ‘martyred’ by East India Company, Scindia’s forefathers

  A well-known political scientist Shamsul Islam said that was “shameful for any political party in democratic India to keep children of Sindhias in... Read more »

The greatest movement since independence but what’s Shaheen Bagh’s future?

“What next?” The quest for the “next” on the part of a limited group, admittedly, gives a clue to their expectations. In their minds... Read more »

As tourist destination Kashmir at risk of coronavirus entry

Kashmir being a cosmopolitan tourist destination is susceptible to the epidemic more than most other places in the country. By Sheikh Qayoom  Srinagar, March... Read more »

“Visit My Masjid” Programme gets a warm response in Tamil Nadu

  It was for the first time a mosque’s door was opened to people belonging to different faiths. More than 400 non-Muslim brothers and... Read more »

Srinagar woman’s unique initiative for sanitary hygiene

“This is the best charity according to me,” she said. “I would welcome those who want to join in or contribute,” she said. “I... Read more »

Rag picker killed despite Delhi Police’s claims of peace

“I kept him in a cart and took him to at least three hospitals, but no one admitted him. The hospital demanded Rs 3,000... Read more »

A Muslim family saved from rioters by Hindu neighbor

By Sfoorti Mishra  New Delhi, Feb 28 (IANS) Amid the mayhem witnessed in northeast Delhi, another tale of humanity and compassion getting the better... Read more »

Will UT administration free land grabbed by mafia in Kashmir?

By Sheikh Qayoom  Srinagar, Feb 27 (IANS) The decision by the Jammu and Kashmir Lt. Governor G.C. Murmu-led UT administration to remove encroachments on... Read more »

True healers? Women have limited choice, are forced to choose nursing as profession

  Source: By Sheshu Babu In big hospitals – Government or private – nurses play a crucial part. While doctors look after patients... Read more »