Bihar civil society meet decides to make right to education main plank of assembly polls

Source: A state-level dialogue, organized by the Right to Education (RTE) Forum, Bihar, has insisted that education should to be made the main issue in the forthcoming state assembly elections, scheduled... Read more »

Modi building wall to prevent Trump’s pure white eyes from ‘impure’ brown squalor

Source: In a strongly-worded statement, a civil rights organization, the National Coalition for Inclusive and Sustainable Urbanization (NCU), even as condemning US President Donald Trump’s forthcoming India visit, referring to the... Read more »

‘Closing the door on physical India has awakened India of imagination’

By Sukant Deepak New Delhi, Feb 16 (IANS) The reason writer Aatish Taseer signed up for the recently aired Al Jazeera documentary series “In Search of India’s Soul” was because the producer... Read more »

CRPF to use drones in anti-terror operations in J&K

By Sumit Kumar Singh  New Delhi, Feb 15 (IANS) For anti-terror operations in the Jammu and Kashmir, the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) has decided to use drones, which will carry out... Read more »

Failure of Gujarat ‘model’? Why hawking hatred for poll gains didn’t succeed in Delhi

Source: By RK Misra History repeats itself — first as a mistake, second time as stupidity and thereafter as a tragedy — invariably with lethal costs. It began in 2002 as... Read more »

Who will protest the patriarchy inlaid in the questioning of why a four-month old baby accompanies a mother to a protest?

Source: By Dr Aparna The Supreme Court of India, in all its wisdom, quizzed the mothers of Shaheen Bagh with the query: Can a four-month old decide to participate in a... Read more »

Defeated but not yet purged, communal politics of the BJP

Source: By Vidya Bhushan Rawat The Delhi results are out. Aam Admi Party i.e AAP has won decisively and with a massive mandate, again. This is unique and remarkable: for a... Read more »

Valentine’s Day and Kejriwal’s tryst with political power

By Sfoorti Mishra New Delhi, Feb 11 (IANS) As counting of votes for Delhi assembly elections proceeded at a steady pace on February 11, suggesting the turn of AAP to power, the... Read more »

How women along transboundary Mahakali river found their ways to get around resistance

Source: By Minket Lepcha “Cackling hens.” Till very recently, the women of far western Nepal were so used to this derisive comment whenever they opened their mouths that they never did.... Read more »

From The Roots To Statelessness : Are “We, the People of India”?

Source: By Dr Madabhushi Sridhar In the 70-year Republic, the public of India are burdened to prove their citizenship under NRC rules, prove place and birth of their parents under NPR,... Read more »

Uproar as Pune college scuttles Tushar Gandhi’s address

By Quaid Najmi  Pune (Maharashtra), Feb 7 (IANS) Alleged threats by some right-wing organizations compelled the organizers of an event to cancel an address by Tushar Gandhi, great-grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, scheduled... Read more »

Haryana to train inmates in zero-budget natural farming

By Vishal Gulati  Chandigarh, Feb 5 (IANS) In a unique social initiative, Haryana Jails Minister Ranjit Singh has decided to train over 20,000 inmates in state’s 19 jails in the zero-budget natural... Read more »

2 police women in Kashmir lead fight against drugs

By Zaffar Iqbal Srinagar, Feb 4 (IANS) Undeterred by the challenges that Kashmir often throws up, two women police officers have launched a crusade to rescue young men from the clutches of... Read more »

Shootout at Jamia an aberration: Movement much bigger

BY SAEED NAQVI “Haqeeqat-e-Abadi” or the eternal truth of the nationwide protests will only be energized by the “Police Zindabad” shouting country pistol shooter who fired into a protest outside Jamia Millia... Read more »

What behaviour can put you on the no-fly list?

Source: After IndiGo, SpiceJet, GoAir and Air India airlines imposed a flight ban on Kunal Kamra for confronting Arnab Goswami about his style of journalism, many questions about the rights of... Read more »

Why disparage nationalism?

BY D.C. PATHAK The anti-CAA agitation, strengthened by the political opposition to the proposed NRC project, is built around the narrative that the Modi regime intended to widen its Hindu support base... Read more »

New idea of India: Secularism of common aspirations takes shape

BY SAEED NAQVI  ‘Majrooh uthi hai mauje saba Aasaar liye toofanon ke Har qatra-e-shabnam bun jaaye Ek mauj-e-rawan, kuchh door naheen’ (The morning breeze is deceptive; it is actually a storm in... Read more »

RSS-BJP Rulers Love Persecuted Christians In Pak-Bangladesh-Afg But Indian Christians Continue Losing Their Rights

Source: By Shamsul Islam No ruling elite on this earth can beat Hindutva rulers of India in hypocrisy and demagogue. Under the CAA (2019) the persecuted Christians in the neighbouring countries... Read more »

Students As Torch Bearers

Source: By Kabir Deb We live in times when students act as torch bearers while the senior citizens act like idiots, cowards and opportunists. A country or society is shaped by... Read more »

Lipstick – and an Iron Will – under my burqa

Source: By Aviral Anand A tribute to the women of Shaheen Bagh As I get off the metro at the Jasola Vihar Shaheen Bagh station, I am uncertain how to get... Read more »